Africa Online - Africa-On-Line ( rip off internet service.

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2008 at 4:04am CST by 20fe26e4

Product: Slowest ISP I have everseen

Company: Africa Online

Location: P.O.Box 63017 00200 Nairobi Kenya
Nairobi, KE


Category: Other

This is the slowest internet isp service I have come across.I pay 9000 kshs (about USD $133 per month) to get a connection speed slower than a dial up seed.Every time anyone attemps to download,Africa online's servers black list your ip address to a slow speed.Apperently I'm paying USD $133 just to check my emails.Belive it or not,when the ip is blacklisted the download slows down between .5kps to 1.1 kps.According to Mr Henry of Africa online,the only option is to pay USD $266 per month to avoid the black list.Sounds like blackmail and a total ripp off.To all new customers and current customers complaint about the blant ripp off,avoid hooking up with Africaonline like a bad rash.You will get very fustrated at their service.FYI Celtel is offering a better service at 3000 Kshs (USD $ 45.00) per month unlimited internet sevice at Edge speed (50 times faster than Africa online) and Access Kenya upgraded all their clients to a faster speed free of charge.I think Africaonline has had it too good for far to long,and its about time they changed their policey for downloads and cut back on access fees. Their are many other ISPs who are far better than Africaonline. Africa online take heed and improve your service,your charges are out of line,too expensive, you will loose costumers if you don't keep up. Wake up and smell the coffee guys....


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