hp 6000 series computer wireless problem

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2008 at 1:31pm CST by 5926dcd0

Product: hp compaq 6515b

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Location: 3000 Hanover St.
Palo Alto, Ca, 94304-1185, US

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Computer will not detect wireless network. Other computers in my home do not have this problem. Spent several weeks on phone with technicians. Had it sent away for service. Had technician come to my home. Ask for a replacement - they refused and were very condescending. I have spent several months on this problem to no avail. This problem is supposed to be widespread in HP series 6000 notebooks. HP will not own up to this. They are supposed to be sending ANOTHER technician to my home. I'm not optimistic. Regardless of the outcome, who would want this computer? And how am I going to be compensated for almost 2 months of time, aggravation, and inconvenience in trying to solve this problem. I would like another computer - one that works! I feel this is a reasonable request. Customer Care, Total Care?!! I have experienced neither. I have heard there is supposed to be a class action lawsuit regarding this particular problem. If anyone knows anything about it, please email me.


802c3e3f, 2008-03-08, 04:48PM CST

I feel your pain. I also purchased a HP 6000 series notebook in Aug. 2007. It had problems from the start although it took me awhile to figure out it was the computer that had the problem. Mine too would not stay connected to the internet. After replacing the router, contacting our ISP and having a professional come to the home to be sure everything was hooked up correctly, it had to be the computer. I took it in in in early Feb. 2008 (yea, I am a procrastinator) and it was returned with a new motherboard. The day of the return, it had the same problem AND it became warmer than normal during use, the battery lasted only an hour, and it spontaneously shut off at times. I have sent it out again, but I am not too hopeful they can make lemonade out of this lemon. I did buy the notebook with am AmEx gold card so I have another year extended warranty and I am going to keep sending it off as many times as it takes. At least it gives me pleasure in having them pay for the postage. Thankfully, I have a desktop to use since I can't use my new notebook. GRRRR!

e145ebc9, 2010-05-15, 04:09PM CDT

Never ever never never buy HP. Their products are pure junk and their customer service is NON EXISTANT! I've been through more than a DOZEN printers in 2 years and every one of them died after printing a mere half dozen or so pages.

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