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Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2008 at 1:38pm CST by be0fc873

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I had ordered the product from , when I trace the order on the website , it shows it has been shipped via Fedex.

When I see the tracking number on Fedex, it shows package has been

accepted on my behalf, I am sure nobody has accepted the package atleast

at my apartment. The Fedex tracking order also shows a Proof of

signature, but that is not mine signature. I fear the package has been

accepted/delivered to wrong recipient.

I reported this to Fedex & they maintain that there is a proof of

delivery & hence the delivery is done. What I am trying to say to both & Fedex is somebody unauthorized to collect the package has

collected the package & so file the claim , but they are not agreeing to


When I try to lodge the claim with Fedex, they say only

can file the claim, and when I try to lodge the claim with they

say I have to followup with Fedex.

Please suggest how do I go about this.

Thanks in advance.

Prabhakar Shetty

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d5bedd76, 2009-02-02, 12:53PM CST

If it is in the trace on Fedex, it was shipped and Fedex needs to cough up the insurance for the item as they are responsible for it. If it isn't your sig, they need to follow up so file a claim and hound them relentlessly.

Oh and don't buy from, they have NO REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT, so you will get nowhere with them.

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