Hurley's Auto Audio - Price Gouging, Offensive Behavior, and Incorrect Technical Advice

Posted on Saturday, January 12th, 2008 at 7:46pm CST by 016c8ea5

Company: Hurley's Auto Audio

Location: 1524 Spring Hill Road
McLean, VA, 22102, US


Category: Other

First, a review of their attitude:

Quoted me $815.00 -- over twice competing shops in the area -- for a five- or six-hour job to install a brand-new touch-screen nav system I purchased myself online. Did the estimate in their head in about five seconds without providing anything in writing.

Hurley's website states they gladly install new equipment that you bring them. However, they mocked me for bringing them my own stuff and the owner stated he was tacking on a few hundred dollars from the start, since it was my own, new equipment.

Owner ("Gary"???) got nasty when I asked why they were so much more expensive than other shops and stated that he'd basically charge me more out of spite -- before stating flatly he simply didn't want my business. Mocked me on the phone for stating I was coming to get my $100 deposit back.

Now, a review of incorrect technical advice provided by Hurley's:

Despite claiming to be Audi specialists, Hurley's claimed they wouldn't be able to get my 2008 Audi A4's steering wheel controls to work with my Pioneer AVICD3, other than the volume control. However, with a common steering wheel interface (the SWI-PS), Tweeter was able to get all the controls to work, including mute, presets, volume, tuning, track selection, etc. Also, contrary to what Hurley's proposed to do, Tweeter was willing to place my AVICD3's Bluetooth microphone in a hidden location in my roof light compartment (with air holes that are DESIGNED for microphones to be placed there when one gets the Audi factory Bluetooth microphone option).

Moreover, Hurley's seemed unfamiliar with many common options for installing GPS and XM antennas out of sight (e.g, underneath dashboards, etc.), which is often possible and won't interfere with the signal receiption in many cases. All Hurley's could offer was a cheap, "stick it on the roof" solution. Tweeter was willing and able to mount my antennas in a hidden location with no impact on performance or signal reception.

The kids who work at Hurley's might have been able to do a better technical installation than they were proposing (with coaching from me), but I never got that far -- their attitude prevented me from doing any business with them or educating them about how to do my install correctly. Also, Tweeter did it for less than Hurley's was quoting me.


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