Circut City - No MP3 No how no way!

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2008 at 9:09pm CST by 54c441d9

Product: Scandisk Sansa 8gig MP3 player model # SDKSDMX10R8192KA

Company: Circut City

Location: 2425 Apalachee Pkwy.
Tallahassee, FL, 32301, US


Category: Other

On 12/27/07, I returned a broken MP3 player my son received as a gift from his grandparents. A replacement was not in stock for Tallahassee, but at 5 different locations two to 4 hours away, all had them in stock. Replacement was ????Special Ordered???? as I was told it was not a common stock item.

(Wait a minute, grandparents walked into the store and purchased it, at least 4 other stores have them in stock, but it is NOT A COMMON STOCK ITEM???)

Ok so the replacement was ????Special Ordered???? and I waited for one week, with no response, so I went to the store. I asked if my replacement MP3 player had arrived.

Rep checked my receipt and said???? ????it had not arrived.????

I asked, ????Do you know when it will arrive?????

Rep said, ????No it is a special order. Maybe it is on our next truck.????

I asked, ????Can you check if it is on your next truck?????

Rep said, ????No we do not know is on the trucks and cannot check either, but you can come back when the truck arrives and we will know then.????

Repeated the above 5 times. I call and emailed customer service. Response was all the same. At one point, customer service told me I had received the replacement MP3. This caused an extra trip to the store. (Now the 6th trip.)

Now I asked for refund.

Manager says, ????Ok we will give the refund and you can buy the MP3 player elsewhere. Oops never mind, this was a ????Special Order.???? We can give store credit or a gift card.

I said, ????I want this MP3 player, do you have it in stock?????

Manager says, ????no it is not is stock.????

I said, ????Well why would I want a store credit or a Gift Card. All I want is a working MP3 player. I told the manager that several other Circuit City Stores had the MP3 player in stock. Can we have one sent here?????

Manager says,???? No we cannot have one sent here but you drive and go get one.????

(The nearest other store is 2.5 hours away)

Finally, the manager said he would issue a credit. I gave him the ORGINAL RECEIPT, and exchange receipt. He said, ????I need the credit card orginally charged.????

I said,???? Look up the receipt and issue the credit to that card. I already told you it was a gift on one of my first 5 visits.????

Manager said, ????No card no credit, and since you started the exchange, in order to get a credit, your grandparents will need a copy of the exchange receipt.????

Now my son is still waiting for an MP3 player that works.


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