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The owner Ro Pettiner charged me for photo shoots, training and comp cards. The breakdown on the cost, 750.00 for each photo shoot, 300.00 for comp cards the rest training. My two daughters both had photo shoots, I paid the money and for comp cards for one daughter. Ro Pettiner was suppose to be there and did not show up. The photographer told me he only charges 250.00 for each girl and Ro was suppose to pay him. The photographer told me he did not recieve the money from her as of two weeks ago, and Ro did not like the pictures it was not what she wanted for the shoot, she wanted to redo the shoot for both girls. The comp cards were to be done with the pictures from the photo shoot which was needed for a job in New York. Ro said she has a wonderful company who does all of her comp cards, she had 8 done thru Kinkos in New Jersey the day of a model runway job. They were done with the photos I have taken of my daughter, not professional pictures from her photographer, and the coloring and signage was completely wrong. Ro said she will have these redone properly she has not. The Director of the program said they were horrible do not give these out, and worst of all they were . Ro Pettiner said she wants the pictures redone they were not done the way she wanted them. I found out what the photographer charged and she inflated the price for own benefit when her payment is off of every job my daughter gets paid for which she books. Ro told me that was for her travel time, she did not show up! I spoke to other companies and they said unethical behavior. She inflated the prices and scammed our family from money and trust. She is very unethical in her business dealings overcharging and not showing up.


cc945745, 2008-10-21, 03:30PM CDT

Dear Reader: The first clue you should have about this is that Carrie Birkel did not sign her name. The reason she did not claim authorship is that her husband is a very prominent businessman in Chicago, and this letter is not factual in many regards.

Mrs. Birkel contacted me about representing her daughter after I became acquainted with her thru a search on which I was consulting at the national level as an associate producer. She was disssatisfied, she said ,with the search, and claimed to have complained to the producer of that search. She asked me to represent her younger daugher who is very tall and thin and beautfiul. After talking about it and meeting her, I agreed to do it.

Several events happened within a short period of time:

1) I asked Carrie to bring her daughter to Carmel, IN where I have been operating my business for nearly 18 years. During that time, I have had one of the best rates of placement with major agencies in the industry. That is because I am selective about whom I work with. I needed to do a photo shoot (the starting point in this business) and training (Basic Workshop). I then sponsor a search with just my own talent here in the Indiaanapolis area. She promised to bring her; never worked it out. I had to arrange to go to Chicago to get her things done. I did her basic training there, and the shoot there.

2) I offered to have her daugher included as one of my best talent to attend the NFL Faith Hill pre-game show and be seen on the front row on national tv. She agreed to bring her, then backed out at the last minute.

3) I got her daughter booked in Chicago for a national level bridal show. She was "Snow White" for the new Disney line of bridal gowns. She was booked for three days and cancelled working the third day. I took her home, because her mother would not stay for the show (the daughter is unederage) and told her to get a cab home. She was paid for the show.

4) Her daughter was accepted by one of the agents with whom I work in New York City. She went there to do a New York style shoot and completed that and got comp cards from that agent.

5) The daughter was booked in NYC to do the same bridal show and be Snow White again for the Disney line. There was an enormous runway show and the pay was good for the three days (I had another model who did the show). The mother cancelled the day before leaving to do the show, putting me and the NYC agent in a spot after promising the client she had committed to do the show.

6) I still needed her daughter to do a shoot for Chicago, to do different pictures for that major market (a requirement in the industry, to customize for the clients in each market), in this case commercial print. I contract with the photographer, hire the hair and makeup person and arrange location, as well as doing a wardrobe consultation. I then select the best shots and make recommendations of which pictures to use. I have a lot of proprietary knowledge of this industry and that comes into play as well. (I expect to be paid for my work, I put a lot of time an knowledge in it, and I reserve the right to charge for it.) I arranged a shoot, this time in Chicago with one of the most experienced photographers in the business. The day it was scheduled a terrible snowstorm blew in, and all three parties had difficulty getting to the studio. My car broke down in Chinatown and took hours to get it towed (due to the storm) and fixed. I was in constant contact with the photographer and the mother. I have never, ever missed a shoot in all these years. I offered to come anyway when it was finally fixed and the photographer told me he was about finished (at 5:30 p.m.) I decided not to go because it would have taken at least another hour to get there in the storm. I thought I would miss the whole thing.The mother was informed and she was fine with that. The reason, it turned out, she was so happy was that she had asked me to do the shoot with her other daughter as well. I agreed and charged her for the second shoot. When I saw the pictures, I did not get what I requested of the photographer or the mother, who does commercial print work herself for her sister's catalog and said she knew what I wanted. I wanted commercial print and described in detail the type of clothing and makeup that were needed. Both agreed to do it that way. They did editorial. The photographer later told me he had done extra pictures. The fee of $750 is for 3 to 4 looks and 100 images. The client gets the benefit of my services and experience, professional hair and makeup and the copyright to the images. (If you choose to contract solely with a phiotographer, you get only his services, little guidance in styling or wardrobe and HIS opinion of what agent/market for whom you are right. He should be an agent instead. And he will retain rights to the images.) When I got the cd from the photographer, there were 500 images, instead of the expected 200 and even a few of the mother in portrait style with her daughters! She obviously got way more than she paid for. I paid for the photographer and the hair and makeup person, even tho the I didn't get what I ordered, a commercial print shoot, not an editorial one. I could not use those pictures to present in Chicago, and I expressed my regrets once again, to the mother and offered to re-do the shoot at no additional charge. She agreed.

7) The mother then contacted me a few days before leaving for NYC, as my agent there had asked her daughter to participate as a runway model in a showcase with casting agents. She was frantic that she had not received any comp cards from the agent there (it takes time to get these things done) and wanted comp cards. I tried to use the pictures from the Chicago shoot, did not like them and the mother offered to lend hers that she had used for her sister's catalogs. I took those to Kinko's (not my comp company) and did an emergency run. They were misprinted in NYC by the Kinko's there and when she went to pick them up, was very disapppointed. So was I when I saw them. Of course, the NYC agent NEVER asked for pictures and didn't need any for the runway show and couldn't understand (nor can I) why the mother wanted pictures so badly that she got completely upset about this. I begged Kinko's t help make it right and they reprinted the comps three times, but never did get it right. She remained upset, and threatened to publicize it if I didn't respond to her wishes for refunds for services I had rendered and proprietary knowledge I had given her. I don't respond to threats of this nature.

8) Despite all this, I sent Mrs. Birkel all the materials, the NYC agent sent her all the materials and I wish her and her daughter only the best. She is a very beautiful young lady. And I dearly miss the budding friendship I had with her mother until she got so upset about something that never should have happened. I did do my job and got a lot done with her daughter in a very short period of time.

My only regret is that anyone can post anything they want on the internet about anybody,and an inaccurate and biased letter of this nature provides a very poor lesson to our children about how to handle differences as they arise, especially in a difficult industry such as this. I am now affiliated with a major New York agency and welcome inquiries at any time.

Sincerely, Ro Pettiner, Super! Models International

048bbbc9, 2008-10-27, 07:05AM CDT

I wish i would have thought to check her out over the internet before she scammed myself and teenage daughter out of 1050.00 for pictures and non payment of the hair show job my daughter went to...she did use a award winning photographer for the shoot and the pictures where good--the problem was 2 weeks later she sent my daughter to the Maly's her show and that rendered the pix useless--my child went in with shoulder length dark blonde with highligths and came home with dark purple/wine? hair that was cut into a short bob--to add insult to injury we never received payment for the hair show--i called Maly's and they confirmed they pay her--she had the nerve to tell me that unless i apologized for the angry voice mail i left on her answering machine she would'nt pay up---she has more nerve than a brass-ass monkey

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