Autowings - Cheverolet Spark Blues

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2008 at 9:28am CST by 5b7f470e

Product: Cheverolet Spark Car

Company: Autowings

Location: Nithari Noida UP India
Noida, UP, 201303, IN

Category: Other

dear all,

i had purchased a spark...........on 3rd january 2008 from auto vikas sales and services at moti nagar delhi .

the buying of this vechicle was marred by a great difficulty as your sales people are in the opinion that they are humans par exellence and a person who is coming to them is a beggar..........and this is not only at auto vikas but across most of your showrooms across delhi.....shiva motors at centerstage mall ...... regent at faridabad......metro at vasantkunj.

the delivery took place at 1.15pm and that too without the temprary number as promised by the sales executive . it is worth mentioning here that they charged me 1.5 % extra on my credit card transaction and rs 1200 for temprary number [ the officil fees being rs 300 and total i paid was rs 1250 ] and inspite of my pay order being alll right......... they made me go again and get a fresh draft made and wasted my precious time

prior to the delivery , i had asked for a test was rejected as there was some administrative problem

i was also told that i could not drive and check my intended vechicle also .

when i took the possesion of my vechicle ... .there were two flaws.....the car was dirty and the mudflaps had a screw missing on front mudflaps. i had asked for left side mirror...the price in the showroom according to three of the executves varried from rs 1500 to rs 4000..... and it was not there....... the wheel caps .....same story one person said rs 1200 the other said rs 4500 and that the 1200 ones are local..... the speaker tray rs 800 and that too local / after market product.................SURPRISING

i drove off with my car...only to find that there is no against promised five liters there was just a liter as the car took a little push once it reached the pump.distance on the trip meter was just 14 kms.......from motinagar to bhairon marg near pragati maidan and i still shudderr with the thought that what would have happened had there been a traffic jam.....

i could hear some heavy noise from the i checked the boot.only to find nothing loose....i got the air pressure my surprise it was a shocking 150% of what it should be .........the lowest pressure beinng 46 pounds and the maximum was 56 pounds....

may i ask you what is pdi or pre delivery inspection

i, on a hunch, had asked for a workshop manual.... i had met on mr chowdhary who intoduced himsellf as a sales cum service engineer from genral motors.......and also had shown him the two missing nuts on mud flaps.......i would reiterate my request

the sound from rear of the vechicle continued and i took up the issue with mr ashwini at aotovikas... he asked me to come at 8am on wednesday thats 9th of january for a reassurance checkup.....

i reached there at five minutes before there appointed / specified and confirmed twice over time of 8am [by mr ashwini and ms geetanjali ]..there was no body...other than security guards and another person..who came at 8.10am..... who like me had been called by mr ashwini at 8am..... much to my surprise.even though the workshop timings are mentioned as 8am to 8 pm.there was no one who came in before 8.25...the phones numbers which were given were either swicted off or were not being picked up....and even the number at genral motors of ms kusum got picked up only at 9.42 am........ my car was parked till 9.50am till someone took the car out without my knowledge or my permission for a test drive and returned only at about 10.25am.............. for thirtyfive minutes my car was being driven......the car mats came in dirty , this is when when your organization does not give a test drive to the customer before he buys your vechicle and to add up i was told that ther was no abnormal sound and the only sound they could hear was of some panel in the rear......

there is a cover charge for everything....and that includes the registration also[ i was told that there is nothing extra ]......but at least do a proper delivery......have a system in which the car feels new.....the car was pulling over to one side..the answer i got...defect in the tyre......we interchanged the tyres.....

sound in rear.....ji itni awaaz aati hai.........gear lever vibrations....yeh to har gaddi mein hota hain.......

after spending money.......

and the car has clocked just 165 kms and is not even a week out of the showroom

should any one get such an answer

i got my spark and another spark lifted on lift......... i showed them the variations in play in rear tyres in all the four wheel drums , my cars rear left had the maximum play and they gave me a story...that since this is a taper beraring this kind of margin is acceptable.......

if so......... i asked them why it is not uniform......just one person had the decency to come ahead and open the wheeldrum and see it .......but all his dreams of fixing up my car came to a nought as the bearing cap would not come out and they did not have a fresh cap in stock.........

may i ask you what is the periodicity of getting the rear wheel brake shoes cleaned / replaced and what is the margin of play in the bearings and as to why in two sparks that were raised how come the the play varied in all the four rear tyres

i came out with my car at 1.15pm only to see hat from 7.55am to 1.15pm .......i then realized that i had dealt with the worlds largest automotive company............probably they may be right...but, i feel i am wronged

regards and a salute to all the great persons at your esteemed organizations

anurag saxena


8f128983, 2008-05-06, 01:02AM CDT

Shame, top say the least. I too own a SPARK. Although I have not faced so much problem, but my local stockist too is poor in stocks and chary in removing problems.

2500e6c5, 2010-04-29, 11:12PM CDT

I agree with you chevrolet dealers are worst

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