Summer Bay Resort Orlando Florida - Billing & Credit Dispute

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2008 at 11:46am CST by 9bc3d02d

Company: Summer Bay Resort Orlando Florida

Location: 25 Town Square Blvd, Suite C
Clermont, Fl, 34714, US


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My husband & I own a timeshare at Summer Bay Resort in Orlando. On December 14, we mailed two checks into Summer Bay Resort to pay off our timeshare. One check was a personal one for 3286.05 and the other was a credit card check in the amount of 16,700.00. The credit card company we got the credit card check from then turned around and did a balance transfer for 16,700.00 to Summer Bay Resort again, this was supposed to have been canceled by the Chase rep, but for some reason it wasn??t. This duplicate payment of 16,700 that Summer Bay cashed, they knew the money wasn??t theirs and they should have just sent the wire back to Chase once they were informed about the duplicate payment. This did not happen. I called three times to Summer Bay trying to get back the 16,700.00 dollars they owe us but they are saying it will take 20 to 30 days to get the money back. First time I called I spoke with Bernie; he transferred me to a supervisor in Financial Services, Charlotte Grimm. She was extremely rude and told me that we paid it twice and it was our fault. I said my husband and I paid it once, we did what we were told but Chase paid it a second time. I said the issue here is not who to blame, but we get it corrected. She was no help at all, I asked to speak to her supervisor Mr. Greenslade, and she transferred me but neglected to tell me that Mr. Greenslade was out on vacation until 12/31/07, so I got Mr. Greenslade's voice mail. I left a message. I called back to Summer Bay Financial Services Dept and spoke with another supervisor James. He basically said the same thing, we paid it twice and shouldn??t have, and I said it was paid twice but Summer Bay shouldn??t have accepted the wire transfer, it wasn??t their money to keep, at that time the timeshare was paid off. James hung up on me. I had a Chase Supervisor call Charlotte Grimm and Charlotte Grimm told the Chase Supervisor to have me send her a fax requesting the money back. The Chase supervisor gave me Chase??s routing number and bank account number so that Charlotte could wire the money back to Chase. I faxed this info to Charlotte at Summer Bay on December 20, 2007. Still to date the money hasn??t been returned. I sent an email to Santa Barillas who is the Director at Summer Bay & to John Greenslade, who is the manager of the Financial Services Dept about the treatment I received from two different supervisors - Charlotte Grimm & James in their Financial Services Dept and got no response from either of them. To date Summer Bay Resort has not given us back the 16,700.00 they owe us. I am filing this complaint in hopes that other people that are looking to purchase timeshares, please do not purchase from Summer Bay, because once you purchase from them and have a problem, especially with the Financial Services Dept, you receive rudeness, people hanging up on you and no help whatsoever in resolving your problem. I tell everyone that I speak with, please do not purchase a timeshare from Summer Bay for this very reason. My husband & I also owned another timeshare from Summer Bay and after we paid off the timeshare, it took Summer Bay 9 months to mail us the deed. We had to fight tooth and nail to get it. Our experience with Summer Bay from the start has been very frustrating and stressful. I would recommend for anyone desiring a timeshare, please do not buy from Summer Bay unless you wish to experience the stress and frustration I have had to experience since day one with Summer Bay. Return the 16,700.00 duplicate payment as soon as possible. It was wired into your account and it shouldn??t take 20 to 30 days to return something that doesn??t belong to you. You have had the wire info, routing number and bank account number for Chase since 12/20/07 and still haven??t returned the 16,700.00. The ethical thing that most business??s would do, but not Summer Bay, because they definitely not ethical, is once the error was discovered, Summer Bay should have returned the money immediately. The supervisor at Chase said they would have returned the money within 3 days not 20 to 20 days. On January 7, 2008 I called Gigi Gladson and emailed her all the documentation and explained to her what the problem was and she assured me that I would have a refund by close of buisness on Monday Jan 7, 2008. The next day by mid day I still didnt have a refund by Summer Bay so I emailed Gigi Gladson once again and she assured me that I would have my refund on Jan 8, 2008. It is now Jan 9, 2008 and still I dont have my refund nor do I have the credit of 357.90 back to my husbands credit card, because Summer Bay saw fit once again to bill us from something we dont owe. This timeshare was paid off on Dec 14, 2007 twice. They received a duplicate payment of 16,700 and on Dec 7, 2007 they billed us again for the sam timeshare that we dont owe anything for.

I spoke with Gigi Gladsdon, the Director of Operations for Summer Bay Resort & Scott Properties, out of St. Louis MO, on January 7, 2008. She told me that I would have my 16,700.00 refund and 357.90 credit by the close of business on January 7, 2008. It is now January 11, 2008 and I havent received the refund of 16,700.00 nor have I received the credit for 357.90.

If you are planning on purchasing a timeshare, please do some serious thinking before purchasing with Summer Bay in Orlando, otherwise you will have the same frusteration and aggrevation I have had since December 20, 2007 trying to get a refund of monies that didnt belong to Summer Bay to start with.

Thank You

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Have they sent you a refund as of yet?

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