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Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2008 at 11:13am CST by 2108d7a3


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I odered three items from The name "AMAZON.CO" appeared everywhere on the order form and in every communication... on the promise of "free shipping on orders over $25.00".


I come to find out that I was *not* buying from but from "Amazon Marketplace" or " registered sellers". I was then charged for shipping from 3 separate vendors. One vendor doubled my order and sent it to me. When I complained I was told to return the second item (at my expense) for a credit. Three items at $10 each ended up costing me over $60.00. completely denies having anything to do with the sale... irrespective of my having purchased from their website, was invoice by them, was encouraged to buy more to get free shipping, and all emails have come from them.

I am disputing all charges from the vendors as I have never ordered from *them*. sends me emails that I cannot respond to and essentially spouts the corporate line that I was dealing directly with some other vendor and there is "nothing they can do".


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