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Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2008 at 1:04pm CST by 1755c246

Product: Warranty repair Sears

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Location: Woodbridge, VA, 22192, US

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I phoned Sears on January 2 to schedule a repair on our washing machine. We purchased this machine in 2004 and purchased the warranty for an additional $200. It has been my experience that warranty repairs with Sears are not prioritized in any way, so I called while the machine was still working, just making a very bad noise. I was given an appointment for January 10, and a window of 8am to 12 pm. I was advised that the service tech MIGHT call before he came, and if I didn't answer he would cancel. I took the morning off from work to be here, and did not leave the house even to walk the dogs after my husband left at about 9:00, so as not to miss the call.

By noon, no tech and no call. I called 800 4 my Home and finally spoke to a real person. She was able to tell me that I'm number 8 on the list, and he's at call 6. In our area, I cannot imagine why they scheduled 8 calls in a 4 hour period. With the local congestion, travel time alone would prevent keeping that kind of schedule. When I continued to express frustration, she transferred me, probably to the angry customer line. The man I spoke to there was sympathetic and apologetic, seemed to understand my frustration, and told me he'd have the tech call me. I waited a half hour, no call, so I called 4 my home again. I was told again that they would have the technician call me, and I gave her two phone numbers, again. I was also given the complaint phone number, and called that. I spoke to Lewis there, who treated me like I was being completely unreasonable to expect them to be there in the time frame they gave me. Apparently, waiting two hours beyond the time frame is considered normal and acceptable. I was given no recourse except to wait.

The technician finally arrived at 1:45. He did call, about 15 minutes before that.

My point with Sears, if they care to rise to this opportunity--I could understand a delay. What I don't understand is 1) why they scheduled so many calls in one morning to begin with and 2) why no one bothered to call to tell me I was going to have to wait almost 2 hours beyond my window just for the tech to arrive. I did MY part and waited all day for the call, and I expect Sears to do their part as well.

The technician is here now, and presumbably he will repair my washer. I have treated him respectfully and have given him little indication of my impatience. He is surly at best, anyway. '

In conclusion, I just have to say I am disappointed in the service Sears has offered me today. It feels like, as the customer, I was given all the responsibility ("answer the call or he won't come") but no right to expect a timely arrival.


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ca72ebb7, 2008-12-10, 10:26AM CST

The call center trains them to act sympathetic and apologetic, I worked for T-Mobile and even though he sounded concerned, I guarantee that he didn't really care and just wanted to get you off the line so his call times wouldn't go over their quota.

0983c37d, 2009-07-05, 08:40AM CDT

I purchased my AC in 2004. Since then it has broke twice. Both times in the middle of a heat wave. This is the second time (July 4, 2009). I am severly asthmatic and I also have a newborn in my home. The first time this happened they took two weeks to come out and fix it. All they could offer at that time was for us to rent two window units from a local rental store and pay for those rentals. The rental units only cooled off two rooms in our 1800 sq ft home. Additionally, the energy costs on those units were significant; it almost doubled my energy bill. Sears did not reimburse me for that. Now my AC broke again and when I called them, the soonest they can service my AC is July 15. That is 10 days away. I can find a licensed local repairman to come out and fix it today. I am willing to pay any overtime incurred for a Sears technician to fix the unit. When you ask to speak to a supervisor, they refuse. You ask for a corporate number and they say there isn't one. They say that the "routing department" is the department I need to speak to regarding my scheduled appointment. However, they won't give me a phone number and tell me to wait until they call me. I would hire the guy to come fix my AC but I am also worried that it could null and void my warranty and it doesn't expire until 2015. I previously asked them, when it broke the first time, if they would pay for my family to stay at a hotel until it is fixed and they said no. So they are willfully harming their customers either by the pocketbook or medically. Not only will we be seeking refuge at a hotel until things are fixed (and paying on our own dime) but I will be contacting a lawyer regarding this situation. Any one else want to join us?

ffb5dd0d, 2009-10-12, 12:13PM CDT

I purches a washer in 2007 for $800 from sears and this washer been fix more then 10 times we after the fifth time we dicided to bay the worenty and sears respond was :we sorry its seem that u havve a lot of repair on the washer sotrry no can do " so dont by kemnnmor and dont go to sears

366e768a, 2009-11-18, 02:12PM CST

I phoned Sears to find out how to remove the battery on a Sears riding mower. The deck is built in such a way that I have to dismantle the entire top end just to get the battery out! After waiting twenty minutes on the phone for a "warranty technician", the guy said to look it up on my owner's manual. I =explained that if that were the simple case, I would not be calling. He could not offer an answer and did not seem interested in securing one. I pressed the issue and he said he would call me back after consulting with repair specialists. This has been two weeks time in passing and still no call.

I will not be buying any more appliances from Sears. This company has an attitude and no accountability. We can all do better than Sears!

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