The Bedding Experts, Vernon HIlls, IL

Posted on Saturday, February 9th, 2008 at 4:47pm CST by 40f6e172

Product: Stearns & Foster Denfield Euro Top Mattress

Company: The Bedding Experts, Vernon HIlls, IL

Location: 701 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Vernon Hills, IL, 60061, US


Category: Other

In October of 2003, we purchased a bedding ensemble from The Bedding Experts in Vernon Hills. It included a new mattress with a 10 year warranty. Less than 2 years after the purchase, we began experiencing a "collapsing" of the mattress on the sides and it's so pitched that it's now like sleeping on the roof of a house.

In February of 2005, we contacted The Bedding Experts and let them know about the problem. They dispatched an inspector at that time who measured the pitch in the mattress but took the measurement when no one was in the bed. The pitch or setting occurs when I get into the bed, but it isn't apparent when the bed is empty. The inspector claimed that there wasn't a severe enough problem to do anything about it, but did offer us a discount toward the purchase of a new mattress.

In April of 2005, I wrote Stearns & Foster, the mattress' manufacturer, who deferred back to the store.

Much time has gone by, and it's gotten worse, so I contacted The Bedding Experts again today, 2/9/08, and they indicated that in order for them to do an inspection, there is now a $99 transportation fee that we have to pay regardless of the outcome of the inspection.

Both the retailer and the manufacturer seem to be hiding behind a technicality of the measurement of the empty bed. And although the representative at the store was very apologetic and respectful, they're unwilling to acknowledge that the problem exists or even test for it without me paying a non-refundable fee and since the test they want to administer won't reveal the true problem, it's like a "Catch 22" Even if the product isn't defective enough to be considered a warranty claim by the store or by Stearns and Foster, it doesn't meet the basic standard of merchantability or reasonableness - it's impossible to sleep comfortably on it.

I don't want something for nothing. I just want a comfortable mattress that doesn't make me feel like I'm falling out of bed or need to hang on to the headboard! I'm not an obese person, and we have not abused the bed. It just failed and they don't want to own up to it.

We're not obese or heavy people and the bed was never abused.


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43f0484e, 2008-11-13, 03:05AM CST

I have the Stearns & Foster Queen Kennsington set and have the EXACT problem that you have. There is not a spot on the bed for support. If you sleep in the middle then you may as well sleep on the Pitch of your roof.

I have a dual pillow top mattrress set. Both my husband and myself are handicapped and when we became emptynesters the flipping/turning of the "BEAST" became my burden.

I have kept meticulous care of this set and now that it has fallen apart Sterns & Foster are nowhere to be found, not by weba9 they return all email inquiries) and if you call you are told that they are receiving an unusuall number of calls at this time and that they will return your phone call within 48 hours, 48 hours from never!

God help this company and it's employees when it comes time to meet their maker, the dishonesty is inexcuseable.

I removed the "forbidden tag" you know the one that sates by law it must I know why. Who would have ever thought spending over $3000 for a mattress set, it would fall apart before it's warranty, the funiture store would dispose of all records after 7 years, it has been virtually impossible to afford sheets that fit the bed correctly, and that the company would become completely neglegent on their own behalf.

Any suggestions? How can I get ahold of this company? I have exhausted ALL windows available.

[email protected]

baf0d028, 2009-08-04, 11:46AM CDT

I would be nice if anyone who has had any successful negotiation/settlement for defective Sterns & Foster bedding would write in telling what they did to achieve their settlement. That would be so helpful. Even Attorney General Consumer Affairs divisions could benefit from this knowledge.

e0a42910, 2010-05-20, 07:53PM CDT

i have bought a Stearns & Foster and had no problem with it. its a realy good bed and its worth the money i spend on it. i do think there good beds you mabe just didnt get the one that was good for you.

bb31ce70, 2011-08-24, 12:16PM CDT

Hello, my name is Kevin Williams and I am an online representative for The Bedding Experts.

The Bedding Experts recently changed ownership and we are taking a much more customer friendly approach to getting a defective mattress replaced.

We recognize that too many mattresses failed in the past. We've worked very hard to now only offer mattresses with the highest quality comfort materials and no convoluted foams.

We do have to send out an inspection service to your home as required by the manufacturer to validate a failure of a mattress.

We normally ask for a $50 fee which will cover inspection services and delivery of the new mattress if approved, but if there has been repeated issues with a mattress type, we will completely waive that fee.

I encourage anyone who's mattress from the Bedding Experts seems to have failed to call our customer service department at 866-395-5511. We want to help.

Thank You,

Kevin Williams

The Bedding Experts

Ryan P., 2014-09-02, 04:19PM CDT

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