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Location: 200 SOUTH NEWMAN ST


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On January 31, 2008 I was moved by this company. Two weeks prior I spoke and finalized the contract with the sales man named Brandon. I found this company on movers.com, and many companies called me with quotes, I chose this company because Brandon gave me the best price. 3 men, 1 truck, 3 hours minimum @ $74 an hour and I was supposed to pay for the bubble wrap they would use on my glass dining room table that would have been the only added expense and they would unassemble and reassemble at the new place. Until the mover arrived at my apt. on Jan 31, and hit me with all kinds of hidden fees. Just to move my TV they wanted $125 I called Brandon my contact and after a very heated argument, he told me they would only charge me for the bubble wrap that they would use on the tv. To make a long story short, I had to call Brandon back three times beforee they actually started the move, 45 minutes later.

The movers took 5 hours and I had no problems with that, until 1/2 hour before they were finished, and my husband who does not speak much english was given the bill.. what should have been a $400 max.. bill turned out to bee $607.00 he had no choice but to pay them or they would not continue to reassemble the furniture. They then told my husband that they were going downstairs to the truck to get a screwdriver and when he realized the truck was speeding away, leaving us with the reassembling of many articles. They also charged, for 25 rolls of tape that they claim they used, I was there at the old apt. and saw the material they used, they brought up a package of 8 rolls and left 2 1/2 rolls behind on the floor of my apt. They also damaged my bed wood rail, broke a piece of wood off of it.

I just want this company to reimburse me for all the added hidden costs and . It was a nightmare. They don't tell you or come to an agreement over the phone and then the day of the move that's when they get you, knowing that you have no other choice but to go along with whatever fees they hit you with because it's too late to hire another mover. That is the way this company operate. MOVING IS STRESSFUL ENOUGH WITHOUT HAVING THE STRESS OF BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.


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