PRO JERSEYS and TEAM APPAREL (pro-jerseys at ebay) - Pro-Jerseys takes money for items, but does not complete transactions.

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2008 at 10:35am CST by 88360495

Product: Replica Professional Sports Jerseys

Company: PRO JERSEYS and TEAM APPAREL (pro-jerseys at ebay)

Location: 4420 Cote De Liesse Suite 114
Montreal, QC, H4N 2P7, CA


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On December 10, 2007 my wife purchased a gift for me from ebay. She bought a Lanny McDonald jersey from seller 'pro-jerseys'. She sent payment in the form of a money order, not wanting to user our credit card and ruin the surprise.

The seller advertised the item and included the phrase '(insurance included)' in describing their shipping within Canada. The item was never received. On January 7, 2008 we contacted the seller and tried to resolve the issue. The seller would not provide any proof that they had shipped the item. Nor would they supply the tracking code (we contacted Canada Post and they don't provide insurance on untracked items). We went through ebays 'Items not received dispute process' but that did not resolve anything.

I have tried to contact the number supplied to us by ebay, but have been unsuccessful. The person answering the phone indicates that they have no relationship with the ebay seller. I have reported this to ebay but they do nothing to ensure that the contact information they have is correct.

The money order was sent by registered mail. We have proof that it was received and that the money order was cashed.

The only thing we could do about it, aside from filing a small claims court dispute (but at $100 filing charge for a $171 dollar transaction it seemed silly) was to leave the seller negative feedback. The seller replied to our feedback claiming that payment was not made and that a non-payment strike had been filed, neither of which was true. The seller then left negative feedback claiming again, that we never paid. We have copies of the dispute where the seller admitted to having received and cashed the money order.

We indicated during the feedback process that the only reason we'd opened an e-bay account was to purchase the item we did. The only response we have received from them since closing the ebay dispute is an e-mail stating;

"I hope you enjoyed your ebay experience"

We'd like to receive the product we ordered or have the money returned.


c458eec9, 2008-12-09, 12:46PM CST

File a small claims court suit asking for court costs and legal fees incured..once they receive the summons I bet they will do what they can to either get you your money back or send your item..also file mail fraud charges against them and if they are an online business file a complaint with the FTC also look up other online consumer protection websites and file complaints with them sure to keep all proof and if they ask for proof you sent payment make copies of the front and back of your money order receipt..never send any originals!! Don't let this go and good luck!

88360495, 2014-04-17, 12:05PM CDT

Update . . . looking for a new jersey and noticed that this store has changed it's name...



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