tammy - Safety First Forehead Thermometer

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 at 12:05am CST by 0f8ab198

Product: Model # 49529

Company: tammy

Location: Vancouver, BC, V6H 1K4, CA

Category: Other

I had bought this thermometer for my daughter and used it on many occassions. I eventually found out that it was giving my daughter a normal temperature reading when she was actually running a very high fever. I had taken her temperature the same morning as the day care called me to tell me her temperature was 103.5 !!

I ended up having to buy a different thermometer as my attempts to place the thermometer in precisely the correct spot on my daughter's temple, thereby getting an accurate reading, were not successful. The temperature range was 36.4 to 40.4 !!

Perhaps part of it was that I was not using this thermometer correctly but even after reading the instructions I was not able to figure it out.

In my opinion this thermometer is so difficult to use it should be taken off the market. Not recognizing when a child has a very high temperature is extremely dangerous. It is not fair to charge people so much money for something that does not work properly, or is impossible to figure out. It should not be so difficult to take a child's temperature!!


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