Allstate Insurance Company - Allstate Insurance BEWARE

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2008 at 11:20pm CST by 83471ebb

Product: Homeowners Insurance Policy that NEVER existed.

Company: Allstate Insurance Company

Location: P.O. Box 12055 1819 Electric Rd. S.W.
Roanoke, VA, 24018, US


Category: Other

I was about to purchase a home in the Atlanta, Georgia area and the real estate agent was kind enough to get me a quote for homeowners insurance from Allstate, which was forwarded to the title company. Due to circumstances beyond my control the house sell fell through about 20 days prior to scheduled close of escrow, didn't buy it. A few months later I got a bill from Allstate of homeowners insurance along with a late payment and nasty note. I, of course, called them up to inquire and immediately told them they provided no product, no service and insured nothing, since I didn't buy the house, it fell on deaf ears. I have emailed, phoned, faxed, and visited Allstate Agents with the same answer "oh you shouldn't have been billed for that". Now a collection agency is threatening a law suit to collect this debt and have already reported to the collection reporting agencies of open collection account. And you all know what that does for your credit score. Beware, be careful, and keep your distance from ALLSTATE Insurance Co. they're out for your money whether you owe it or not.


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