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Posted on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 at 2:42pm CST by 0cffb14e

Company: USPS

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While I was visiting my mother in Latham, NY in July of 07, my mother and I shipped 3 antique vases from Latham, NY to myself in Las Vegas. I purchased $500 insurance for my package. When I returned to Las Vegas very late evening and opened my package, I discovered the items were broken. I brought them over to the post office the following day to file a claim. The local employees as well as the agents I spoke with on their 1-800 customer service number explained to me that I could have my items repaired and file a claim for a repair instead of a reimbursement. I got an estimate from a local restoration/repair shop and also an appraisal on my items and turned it in with my claim form. The Postal employees accepted my claim, filled out a PS form 1000 stating that the package was insured (section B. 1a), All contents were damaged (section B.5) and in section B.6 they clearly marked that my items were presented along with the wrapping, container/package. This PS form was signed and dated by a postal employee and a copy was returned to me personally. Upon returning home, I received a phone call from the Cross Roads Station asking that I bring the items back, stating that they wanted to keep my items even though I was previously told they would not need keep them when a repair is requested. I asked to speak with a manager and talked to Jack Clark. I explained to Mr. Clark that these were delicate antiques and I did not want further damage to occur since it would raise the cost of the repair. I also explained to him that his employees informed me at the time I filed my claim that I would not need to surrender the items. Mr. Clark told me he would go ahead and process my claim despite the confusion on their policy. After several weeks I received a letter denying my claim and stating "they had no evidence that the parcel was damaged in their custody and they were not liable". I filed an appeal attaching a copy of the PS form 1000 which is validated proof signed by their own employee stating that they inspected the entire package, contents and wrapping and that they witnessed the damage to my article. Again, after several more weeks my claim was denied for the same reasons. My final attempt was my appeal to the Consumer Advocate in Washington DC. I sent all documents: PS form 1000, a copy of my insurance receipt and 2 letters from witnesses. One witness (my mother) saw me personally package the items and mail it. The other witness was my husband whom witnessed the damaged items upon opening the package. I received a letter dated Jan 18th from Cheryl Woody, Consumer Research Analyst at 202-268-7216 stating that they denied my claim once again stating that "the antique vases and packaging were not presented for inspection". The PS Form 1000 clearly states that the items and packaging WERE in fact brought in for inspection. It is a validated document signed by postal officials stating they inspected my items and that the items WERE in fact damaged. I do not understand how they can deny my claim when this evidence has been presented. I paid for a service, I presented evidence for this claim and I have documented proof of it. I feel that the post office should honor this claim and repay me for the repairs for the damage done to my vases while in their care.




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c458eec9, 2009-01-22, 02:44PM CST

It seems the PO isn't able to follow simple Friend sent me a copy of her first ever family photo with her new Hubby and their first baby..on the front of the large envelope it said in huge red lettering "PHOTO DO NOT BEND!" of course this photo was delivered with a deep crease down the middle of the pic. because the carrier folded the envelope and stuffed it inside our box..The main reason I do NOT use the PO to ship any of my deliveries..they are incompetant!

c458eec9, 2009-02-10, 10:55AM CST

I actually watched the postal carrier deliver a neighbors package no he did NOT gently lay it on the porch then knock on the door instead he frisbee tossed (I kid you not) it onto the porch and this was a good size package explains why on the day our books arrived we heard a sonic boom on our doorstep. I will be using Fedex from now on!!

26298627, 2013-02-25, 02:26PM CST

You should use UPS they are cheaper in the long run. The USPS should just closed down I don't give 2 shakes or pity their greedy little hands who rob you blind. They have no knowledge technology wise they are so far behind. They play catch up and can't win simply because they are greedy. Their employees don't care about their job only what they can do less off. And forget about calling the Washington DC consumer affairs office and speaking to the bimbo who works there.

USE click and ship to print a label and post a $500 insurance for small package and never drop it off at the post office and file a claim. They don't scan it at the post office they want you to drop it off at one of those mail boxes because those lazy employees thinks its to much work.

Trust me it will work to get your money back. They are thieves and very stupid.

Robert Allyn L., 2013-02-25, 03:53PM CST

WOW, Postal Fraud 5-10 in the big house.

Hope they track this back and get you for either comitting fraud or councelling others too commit fraud.

26298627, 2013-02-25, 09:17PM CST

Interesting you should bring that up, what makes you think that I haven't spoken to them already about this issue? They brush it off as if I was the idiot and no one going to do that. #2 they don't want to take liability for the package even though it is in their possession and can claim that you never dropped it off to the possession of system because there isn't any evidence that it was dropped off properly.

And who are trying to scare 5-10 in the big house? First and foremost, you are probably that moron who's sitting back there laughing at those poor souls who has items you have stolen as a postal employee that is so lazy to get off your butt and work. The postal Police should be watching their own employees who steals packages with the thousands of lost packages that can't even find domestically. how can you loose thousands upon thousands of packages not envelopes but boxed packages a year? Simple package is stolen while in the carriers possession.

USPS is a lame company and should not be considered one. Why? Judging by what i was told by John (aka MORON supervisor) "We hold no liability for lost mail or packages that goes uninsured only that which is insured" Yet they charge more than UPS for your services with insurance and tracking. Same destination USPS $25.15 (No tracking just a courtesy delivery scan and insurance which they claim is free) and then UPS 20.60 includes insurance and actual tracking.

Truth be told you are the one who should be watched. This u.s. postal system are thieves and don't know how to run a business and are completely incompetent to deliver mail. Incompetents like unions that ruin it all. Unions are the ones who destroyed the auto industry.

And the fact you can not read I have already made the u.s. postal service aware of there own flaw with in their own policy and they call me the idiot. They can't say they weren't aware of this issue, it exist. All that the u.s. postal service can do is whine and cry that they aren't making the revenues they need to stay open. How about cutting some of the fat. Over paid salaries, get the government to cutting the union out, i believe fedex is union free and doesn't have the same ailing issue as these morons. get rid of those over paid execs and hire a new union free employees. Get rid of those lazy employees who think they have tenure if they refuse to actual work as you can see just by here of all the unsatisfied customers, yet because they are backed federally they think they out of harms way and can do what ever they want when it comes to a paying customer yes that's right a paying customer.

Get real and start calling or email them with your complaints, that's why you are here right? Or are you just here to look at how many people you pissed off because of your lousy service you perform at work so you want to see how much you are earning not lifting a finger just to piss everyone off.

Again get real this issue at hand is the Postal Service is not performing for services paid for and are causing too much loses that the they are denying claims anyhow, just to save their own pants. when you go to the post office again watch how most employees their treat and talk to the customers, like they are paying us to use there services so we have take their abuse and that's final.

USPS claims to have a high ranking in services, but like I said else where I have been to Mexico, China, Japan and Canada and never once treated with such hostility as a customer at a postal service office than those in the USA. We pay for a service and we are treated like they are doing us a favor and that's not just by the counter agent but the supervisors and managers at the branch and call centers. you can never get a email sent directly to the post master general because I am sure he will get slammed with emails mails and calls, so these answers that you get from the post master are from your basic post master generals clearing house of answers and that's where its suppose to end, the post master general never hears or even bothers to listen or hear about an issue. You my friend are the type who sits back and get mommy to change your shirt every time you spill some thing on it.

I wish for the USPS do go under and a hole new delivery system is put in place that knows how it was and how it should be. They lack the technology they only know how play games. They haven't looked outside the box that is why they fall so far behind.

Good luck to you my postal employee lover...

ABDUL M., 2013-08-15, 10:46AM CDT

Seller of ebay book usps tracking no & paypal pay payment.After getting payment some seller does not ship materials. Can I claim buying money from usps or usps should stop booking tracking no. with out materials. Such a case with tracking no. CJ42017876US

Please advise me to have /return my buying price $335 from booker of tracking no. CJ42017876US

Robert Allyn L., 2013-08-16, 08:53AM CDT

26298627 Sorry Missed your comment. Out of the country at the time. Hilarious post. As to me I am a bored shipper and reciever in a big white building who is required to ship various ways. USPS,UPS, FED EX, and so on.

USPS is exactly what it looks like, cheap crappy service with one important difrence, it has special protection under the law.

Good Luck with the fraud.

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