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Arizona Automobile Association--Ford Motor Co.

1994 Mercury was towed to AAA Auto Repair, Peoria Arizona. on !2-22-06 =

and was there

until I took it out on 1-2-07. Lorenzo Foster (Service Advisor) is the =

only contact I had

during this time. We met in parking area on 12-22-06 had telephone =

conversations and

met again when I picked up car on 1-2-07. The car was never seen by =

Randy Nowell

(Business. Manager.). The only contact I had with Gary Bons (Ser. Mgr.) =

was on 1-3-07 with Lorenzo Foster

and I questioned the need for radiator replacement. The conversation =

lasted less then

three minutes The only decision made was I would receive refund of =

$201.98 overcharge

on a gallon of coolant. I would have to wait 7-10 days for refund. On =

1-8-07 I filed this complaint with Arizona Automobile Association.


In my Inquiry # 18597 to AAA Arizona I said that parts were put on car =

that was not needed (Radiator).

I was charged for a service that was not performed (Replace Manifold =


I can show why I believe that Radiator did not burst.

I can prove gaskets were not installed as engine components were not =

removed in order to get intake manifold out ..

I would like an honest, competent technician to inspect my engine =

compartment and I will demonstrate and prove my points. I would like =

monies refunded to me for these overcharged services.

All I ever wanted from this Auto Repair was honest value and service.

The car is on my carport to be viewed by any AAA Corporate Staff Rep at =

any time. I am available for any additional information you may want. I =

would like to expedite this matter as soon as possible so I can get =

needed services on power steering and engine ignition system.

This complaint was answered on 1-19-07 (10days) later after a brief =

phone call from Randy Nowell on 1-18-07, At that time I told him the =

MANIFOLD was never removed from car to install gaskets. ON 1-18-07 I =



This is Randy's answer to my complaint--sent by E-mail on 1-19-07


Dear Mr. McClung,

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday. I have =

interviewed the technician who worked on your car and also the service =

manager at our Peoria shop and I have reviewed the associated =

documentation. I am confident that the work that you paid for was both =

needed, and performed correctly. I want to invite you to bring the car =

back to our Peoria facility so that the mechanic, Joe, and service =

manager, Gary, can review with you what was done and explain in detail =

the procedures used to complete the work. Joe, the mechanic who worked =

on your car is a very honest, competent, and skilled technician and I'm =

confident that you will agree with that assessment after meeting him and =

talking with him about the repairs.

I am concerned that you still have an oil leak, and that you mentioned =

some other problems with the car and I would like to offer a free =

inspection and diagnosis of any additional concerns you have as a =

goodwill gesture. We would like you to be present while we inspect the =

car for any remaining leaks - that way the technician can also explain =

and show you what the problems are. You can call me at 602-650-2778, or =

Gary at 602-308-3017 to make an appointment

On 1-19-07 I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau asking for =

help in this matter.





Complaint Description:

Problem date 1-2-07, on this date I paid for repairs on my daughters =

car. After looking over invoice #0000751 I discovered an overcharge of =

$201.98. I returned on 1-3-07 to repair shop and demanded a refund of =

this overcharge.( I have documents detailing what transpired in my =

dealings with this Repair Shop from 12-22-06 to 1-3-07.) I will make =

these papers/documents available to any and all interested persons. As =

an AAA member filing a complaint against their employees, how can they =

honestly represent me? I believe this is a conflict of interests. I =

would like BBB to act as arbiter in this dispute. I would like to add =

other material, witnesses and documents as they become available. I will =

make car available to any and all interested parties and demonstrate my =

position on this matter.

Your Desired Resolution:

An honest and fair settlement as agreed to by parties after arbitration =


Not getting any help from BBB, I filed a complaint with Arizona Attorney =

Office asking for their help in this matter.

, 26Circumstances: Brief History: I have a complaint in writing with AAA =

Auto Repair that started on 1=B73-07. Have met and discussed it with =

Gary, (Ser. Mgr.) and Lorenzo Foster (Service Advisor) Have letter from =

Randy Nowell, (Bus. Mgr.) who ignored my request. Filed complaint with =

BBB on 1-19-07. As of this date 1-29-07 there seems to be no response =

from this Auto Repair. My complaint is that a part (Radiator) was =

installed that was not needed. I was charged for a service that was not =

performed. (Install intake manifold gaskets) I can prove this service =

was never done. I am preparing documents and other evidence to present =

my case at BBB. (I will send these documents to you in a few days as I =

feel Auto repair will not appear for a hearing). I am 78 years old. I am =

credible and knowledgeable in the service, repair and manufacturing of =

automobiles. This complaint is serious as this is fraud on the part of =

the Auto Repair. You may reach me at XXXXXXXXX any time if you want more =

information. Thanks for any help you can give.

After a letter from Arizona Attorney General stating they could not =

help, however I could pursue this matter in the Small Claims Court.

I filed this matter on 5-1-07 with Manistee Justice Court Surprise =


Manistee Justice Court

Case # CC 2007081822SC

Arizona Automobile Association (Defendant)

AAA Auto Repair 7422 W Thunderbird Peoria Az.

May 1 2007 Complaint I am suing the AAA Auto Repair for their failure to =

properly service the 1994 Mercury and return it to me in the condition =

that met all the terms and conditions of the service agreement (Invoice =

# 0000751)


I have a complaint in writing with AAA Auto Repair that started on =


Have met and discussed it with Gary, (Ser. Mgr.) and Lorenzo Foster =

(Ser. Advisor).

Have letter from Randy Nowell, (Bus. Mgr.) who ignored my request.

My complaint is that a part (Radiator) was installed that was not =

needed. I was charged for a service that was not performed. (Install =

intake manifold gaskets) I can prove this service was never done.

Any owner of a Ford product can fall victim to this scam that I =

encountered at AAA Auto Repair, Peoria, AZ. We are led to believe, =

(owners of Ford products with the V-8 281 4.6 L Engine) that the intake =

manifold must be removed to install heater pipe on this engine. The =

manifold is NOT removed as WAS this case on my daughter's car, a 1994 =

Mercury Grand Marquis. They disguise this by showing on invoice as =

"Replace intake manifold gaskets".

Heater pipe is listed under parts. Invoice shows no labor charge to =

install. This pipe not visible to owners, so they do not know if it =

needs replaced. This scam is probably being used in service departments =

and repair shops all over the country. The removed pipe was replaced =

September 2005 at Thunderbird Automotive in Phoenix, AZ.

Gary Bons, Lorenzo Foster, Joe W. did conspire and used fraudulent and =

deceptive methods to make repairs on the 1994 Mercury as I have stated =



I am asking this court to hold the AAA Auto Repair liable for willful =

failure to perform in an honest manner and charging me for services and =

parts not needed and enter a judgment against them.

Therefore, I am asking for a judgment against AAA Auto Repair for the =

sum of 950.85 as well as the document preparation costs to file this =

complaint, as well as the court costs and fees, necessary to bring this =

matter before the court.

A fair settlement from AAA Auto Repair. I would agree to receive all =

labor charges and price of the intake manifold gaskets not used. AAA =

Auto Repair would keep profit made on parts.

Being under oath, I affirm I am one of the parties in this action. I =

have read the attached pleading and find that the statements are true to =

the best of my knowledge and belief.

Dated this 30th day of April 2007.

By: _Charles H McClung___________________________

On 6-28-07 a hearing was held, this is the results of that hearing. =

Dismissed with Prejudice.

Defendants perjured themselves in Small Claims Court. .Case was to be =

heard by JP. Volunteer Hearing Officer was substituted at hearing. I =

prepared a written statement to present to Court. I read a paragraph and =

was stopped ,court would not accept my written statement when offered =

again at end of hearing.

Volunteer Hearing Officer dismissed case with prejudice. NO judgment =

awarded to either party. No appeal allowed in this Court. This case =

involves FRAUD. I presented many documents to Court prior to court date =

to prove my case. I feel my case was mishandled by the Court and I did =

not get due process. Court lasted about 20 minutes...This is not a =

frivolous matter.

Either a Justice of the Peace or an appointed Volunteer Hearing Officer =

may hear your case. Any party may object to the use of a hearing officer =

prior to the hearing date. The court can provide you with a form to make =

this objection. The case will then be referred to and heard by the =

Justice of the Peace. ARS 22-506

Letter from Court stated my case to be heard by JP. I had no way of =


who was on bench. This was my first time in a courtroom.

My case was # 2 on docket, When I was notified and went in Courtroom he =

was still working on #1 case.

I did not know who was on bench until I received a copy of JUDGMENT.

I have since found as to why I received no help from BBB.

Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 21:01:13 -0700

Principal: Randy Nowell

Customer Contact: Randy Nowell - (602) 650-2778

File Open Date: January 2007

TOB Classification: Auto Repair & Service

BBB Accreditation: This organization is not a BBB Accredited business.

The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not =

received a response. As a result, the BBB may not have current =

information about the company

In Randy's sworn statement to the COURT he states( Joe Wiley did in FACT =

remove and replace intake manifold). HOW CAN HE MAKE THIS STATEMENT WHEN =


He further states that RADIATOR was replaced as it was cracked. Again he =

never looked in ENGINE


Gary Bons tells COURT that I took car to another place before bringing =


I never approved any of the repairs. Lorenzo Foster, only person I was =

in contact with at AAA REPAIR SHOP was not present at hearing.



Ford Motor Company is allowing the use of fraudulent and deceptive

methods for making repairs on heater pipe/tube found on

cars with the V-8 281 4.6L engines since 1992. Labor

charges are based on the removal of INTAKE MANIFOLD.

Pipe/tube is then installed by using method that takes

less time.

This scam is being used in service departments and

repair shops all over the country. I have documents from Ford Techs. =

from around the country stating that this is the method for R&R of the =

HEATER PIPE on V8-281 4.6L engine on 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. ( =


AAA Auto Repair, Peoria, Arizona ( owned and operated by Arizona =

Automobile Association) replaced this pipe on the 1994 Mercury using the =

method that Ford Motor Company FAILED to put in Shop Repair Manuel in =

1992. AAA Auto Repair (Randy Nowell) insists they used Ford method to =

perform this repair operation. I have PICTURES of the ENGINE COMPARTMENT =

and can prove the INTAKE MANIFOLD was never removed. The pipe was =

replaced in August 2005 by Thunderbird Automotive

Phoenix, Arizona. AAA Auto Repair performed this repair to "PAD THE =


It is time that Ford Motor Company addresses this matter and puts a stop =

to this fraudulent and

deceptive method used in Ford Service Departments. Only then will it end =

in all other Automobile Repair


Arizona Automobile Association (CEO/PRESIDENT) D James McDowell needs to =

investigate this matter on how AAA Members are treated, take corrective =

action and compensate me for the ORDEAL that I have been put thru.


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