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Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2008 at 9:47am CST by 132e44a8

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In August 2003, I purchased a service contract (7 year, 70,000 mile warranty extension) from Daimler Chrysler with my 2003 Dodge Stratus ES. At 65,000 miles in February 2008, I needed some services that were covered under the contract. I tried looking up my contract online, and the website said it didn't exist. The dealer told me to bring it in on a Saturday when they could work on it. When I brought the vehicle in, I was told the contract was canceled. I had not received any notification or refund. The dealer accused me of canceling the contract. When I read over the contract, I learned that only the dealer or DaimlerChrysler Service Contracts can make that decision. The dealer told me they could not do anything until Monday since Service Contracts is closed on Saturdays. I found this pretty silly. I didn't like the accusatory nature of the service dept., so I called the sales rep who sold me the car. He looked it up and said the warranty was canceled the same day I bought the car! So I started looking online. I did get married in August 2007 and quite honestly, it never occured to me to change the name on the contract since I have never used it. On the website, there was no mention of changing your name and how to document it. Fast forward to Monday- the dealer called service contracts and was told that in order to reinstate the contract, I would need to fax my marriage license. Please understand that faxing my marriage license is not a big deal. Most places where I have had to change my name simply require a license. The problem is that my contract was canceled without permission or notification, I was on my third day without a car, there was no information online or in the contract about how to change a name, and I could not get a rental car at a discount rate without a service contract! Dodge would not even grant a temporary preauthorization to start the repairs and give me time to get home and get the marriage license. What made matters even worse was the treatment from the customer service representative, Karen. She lectured me about keeping my marriage license in my desk and how I should have known better. She said "we can cancel contracts whenever we want" and refused to let me speak to a supervisor. She eventually pretty much hung up on me saying "I'm done with you. I'm waiting to hear from your attorney." My attorney then called and argued with them for 15 minutes. The sales rep at the dealer had told me that day that the contract was made inactive (bear in mind that this contract should be covering me from 36,000 miles to 70,000 miles) then canceled in OCTOBER 2007. That's certainly plenty of time to notify me that I needed to make a change.

I'm filing a complaint with the NYS Attorney General.

It seems that DaimlerChrysler/Dodge enjoy being a struggling American car company. My parents have never bought anything other than a Dodge, and they have assured me that that relationship is over. I've already started looking other cars. The company is obviously somewhat biased against females who may get married and change their names. Their controls put in place to handle this are poor, and their customer service is even worse. This car has been a nightmare- to add to it, it's not even 5 years old and the wheels are rotting on the inside. My tires keep losing air. Dodge's response? "Oh, yeah, that happens..."

I have yet to meet one other person with this situation.


672d9328, 2008-08-06, 06:23PM CDT

I have extended my warranty AFTER the Original EXTENDED Warranty!!! We take care of our vehicles and keep them a very long time. The PROBLEM is getting the dealers to 'fit' you into their schedule for repairs and getting the Appts. cancelled AFTER you have wited over 2 weeks for an appt!... They put you to the BACK of the line several times! THEN TREAT you with much disrespect! They say they fix the problem and then you drive home and find out that the SAME PROBLEM is still there! Knowing that it's 100 miles round trip each visit to their shop! Then tell you take it somewhere else after they take your $100.00 deduct. (I do not call that MAXIMUM CARE!)They are the CLOSEST to us..the next one is 2x-3x as far! Try calling someone with authority and you will get INDIA...who stalls you out and says, We can not help the repair scheduling! I am disabled & Senior... they also know that you have to sit there and wait on the vehicle! NO WONDER American CAR/Truck dealers are going under... they really do not care!

469df9f2, 2010-08-18, 10:51AM CDT

I called the cancelation department on 8/18/2010 to get a refund because of our car just turned 89,000 miles on this trip we took. I was told that our warranty was already expired like 2 months over due. The people at our dealership explained out warranty wrong to use. We were told we had until 85,000 miles or 6 years from the date we bought the car. Which was on 7/27/2007 they told us sorry the person at the time doesnt work there anymore he was new at the time. Im very upset that they said they cant refund our money. I know that our family owns a few ranches in Wyoming and Montana and they buy at least a couple 3500 diesel s trucks every year. That is all we run on the ranches, but I think things will be changing this year for sure. Im sorry that one dealership here in rapid city has to ruin it for all. Very happy with the other ones. But anyways I was talking to scott the manager at the warranty department and he said he realized that we didnt receive a plan provisions form as he put it explaining something we didnt know about some 90 day period you have to call on canceling it. We where told that when it runs out they put a check in the mail. Also was told that the contract didnt start until 7-27-2007 when we bought the car. So if I didnt just get pass the 85,000 miles I would have been calling until 7-27-2013. I was seeing what I have to do to fight this with the dealership to get the money back that was suppose to be coming to us. If I need to sit in front of the dealership every day and tell people not to buy I would. Please let me know what I can do. I work for a large Rv dealership here in rapid city south Dakota and I know that we would be shame full to tell someone something that wasnt right and cant back it up. If we knew that we only had until the time we that scott was saying on the phone to cancel we would have done it . I believe in taking care of customers very much here and this is one thing that Im not going to back down from. I want to be able to receive what is rightfully ours. I really hope that you can help me out with my problem here. Im sorry that u have to here this no one likes to here complaints it ruins people days.

Please call me 605-430-4132

Shawn langstaff

5647 uranus drive rapid city sd 57703

Scott gave me this contract number

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