Cox Communications - Cox Communications Business Renewal Scam

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2008 at 10:47am CST by eb9e2f92

Product: Cox Communications Business Video Service

Company: Cox Communications

Location: 750 N. Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV, 89106, US


Category: Other

I received a letter from Derek Cone, Account Executive -- Retention, giving me the opportunity to lock in my current video & internet rates for up to 5 years. I signed the contract, faxed it to him and verified that he received the contract by calling him. Imagine my surprise when my February bill had a rate increase!

I called Cox's Consumer Abuse line and was told that my original contract -- not the one I signed with Derek, but the one I signed 5 years ago when I first subscribed -- permitted rate increases. In other words, the contract that I signed with Derek -- a Cox employee -- wasn't worth the paper that it was printed on.

The Consumer Abuse Rep. tried to convince me that my original contract with Cox superceded the contract that I had signed with Derek Cone -- despite the fact that Derek's contract specifically stated "Avoid any rate increases and lock in your rates for the length of your new contract term..." Jeeze, I always figured that a new contract superceded an old one.

The Consumer Abuse Rep. stated that she MIGHT be able to get my rate reduced to the amount on the new contract, but that she would need the approval of ther supervisor. She wouldn't let me talk to her supervisor, despite my asking several times, but said that she'd call me back after she found out if Cox had any intention of honoring their contract. advised. Check your bills. Just because you sign a rate lock-in contract with Cox Communications doesn't mean that they'll automatically honor your contract. You may have to call their Consumer Abuse line and fight for yourself to get them to honor their own contract.


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