Home Depot - Defective Design Husky Home Depot Knives

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 at 6:25pm CST by 80379e60

Product: Stanley Tools Home Depot Husky Knives

Company: Home Depot

Location: Port St Lucie, FL, 34952, US

URL: http://homedepot.com/

Category: Other

I bought 5 Husky folding (box) knives. They are very dangerous and the blades fall out while cuting tape or boxes. They come with a comical lifetime warranty!! To get them replaced Home Depot tells me I need to call 888-HDHUSKY. When you go through the options is says you have reached Stanley Tools (I used to supply them electronics and they were quite a good company with good quality practices), Stanley says that over 20 companies supply Husky products so you then need to pick categories from their prompt. I chose # 7 for MAC Knives (we will get back to this one shortly, what is a mac knife?). When you dial this number it says for support to go through Home Depot directly. WTF ! HD says to all them and Stanley says to call HD!! Nice warranty guys.

The store manager at Home Depot says out of the kindness of his heart he will replace them for me at no charge. Replace a defective knife with a defective knife? Nice lifetime warranty. Of my 5 knives all the blades come out. One knife can not cut because the blade comes out every time. The other 4 knife blades will come out at some point when you use them.

I have seen this design for a bit more money but with a safety cover that holds the blade in. This cheaper design (about $.08 cheaper from china) does not have the safety cover.

Know here is the funny part. The only option that refers to knives is the option for MAC knives when you make this call. Do you know what a MAC knife is? I don't.... I asked this question to the HD tool associate and he said he also does not know what a mac knife is. I asked that question to the store manager as well and he also does not know what a mac knife is.

So what gives here? I spent $20 and simply want a store credit. I don't want any more defective knives. I learned my lesson. I will never buy another Husky HD product. I suggest the same to anyone who reads this! I shop at HD at least twice a week as I have been building a new house and redoing the house we are in now. I have spent at a minimum $20,000 with HD in the last 18 months. I find it crazy that they can not refund money I spent on their product $20! I did not save the receipt and probably am just over the 90 day cuttoff. I tried to live with the knives but just can't have these suckers in the house anymore, they are way too dangerous


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905c26f3, 2013-03-23, 10:27PM CDT

Hi1 I bougth a l ot knives and I left in my house but I have oly two of those knife I like but I can;t spent more money like that the knieves is not really good product. that the same the razor come off off the ase some time I want to bringing back to HD for raplacced but taht the same HD credit card I want my money back what I can do plz help me txs

Jim C., 2015-03-22, 04:20PM CDT

Home Depot has always been that way. I always shop Lowe's for that very reason. They seem to be more helpful, less sales people who were selling shoes the day before, and they are really good about returns.

04b27ca3, 2015-09-11, 07:00PM CDT

If the issue is with a Husky T-Lock box cutter item, I found the product to be great when it was working fine. Easy to remove blade and sharpen.

But the problem is that the screws become loose and fall out. VERY POOR ENGINEERING !!!

It should never have gotten to production.

Plus they used torex screws and philips screws.

Whoever designed this did not plan for field use with easy repair.

Screws are hard to find. Type #3-48 possibly. And thread base is not able to hold

the screw...or the screw is just too short.

Husky should hide their head in shame !!!!! (Home Depot bought a bad product)

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