Class Equestrian - Class Equestrian: Refuses to Refund $ for Returned Horse Show/Hunt Coat

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 at 9:11pm CST by 2159d656

Product: Hunt Coat / Horse Show Jacket

Company: Class Equestrian

Location: Muscat, Om, OM


Category: Other

In July 2007 I ordered a custom horse show / hunt coat from Class Equestrian and Susan Jesson-Ward. It was advertised as: Hunter Green color, Made in the UK, superior quality, custom-made by a "Master Tailor," etc. In September 2007 I finally received the coat. It was the WRONG color: a very ugly kelly green, not the hunter green color that was specifically advertised and shown in a photograph prior to purchase. The jacket was made and shipped from Muscat, Oman, not Birmingham, West Midlands, UK as advertised. It was very poorly made and finished, not made by a master tailor. It was inferior quality, not superior quality, according to the 2 professional tailors I showed it to. It did not fit my specific measurements, and was made for a male body, not female. It had buttons on the sleeves; I had specifically stated I did not want buttons on the sleeves. The photos Class Equestrian used in its ads and on its website were the copyrighted, proprietary work of another equestrian apparel company. The company uses UK and USA contact phone numbers, yet the business operates out of Muscat, Oman, and the merchandise is produced and shipped from there. I returned the jacket, outlining all the reasons it was unacceptable, and asked for a refund. Susan Jesson-Ward acknowledged the receipt of the returned jacket, but stated jacket would be "fixed" and sent back. I sent emails, specifically stating I did NOT want the jacket back - I am entitled to a refund under the Sale of Goods Act, which states a Merchant cannot force a customer to accept inferior or mis-represented goods. Class Equestrian refused to provide the refund. Therefore, in December 2007 I opened a dispute with my credit card company to obtain the refund. Instead of providing the refund during this dispute process, Class Equestrian made false, deliberately misleading statements to the credit card company in the rebuttal process, stating the jacket was being re-done and would be sent back to me. That was false. (I never asked for that - I have, from the beginning asked for a REFUND.). The credit card company for some unknown reason, sided with Class Equestrian and the charge still stands on my account as of January 23, 2008. I contacted Class Equestrian again, asking for the refund, since their false statements led to the chargeback being denied. Class Equestrian has the jacket back - which I never ever want to see again, as well as my money - approx. $451.00. I received an email from Susan Jesson Ward on February 16, 2008, admitting that Class Equestrian DOES OWE ME THE REFUND. However, she stated I have to go back to the credit card company to get it. This is not true. The Merchant is the one that has to give the refund. Over the past five+ months, she has refused to give the refund as legally required. She already lied to the CC company the first time. Instead of providing proper customer service and following standard business practices, Susan Jesson Ward and a business associate named Sebastian have responded with rude, disrespectful emails, threatening legal action against me. For what? Asking them to refund my money, which they gained under false business practices. I should not have to keep going back around and around on this. It's simple: I returned the jacket that was mis-represented, through false and misleading advertising, with photos and descriptions of another company's merchandise. Class Equestrian has my money becasue of incredibly poor customer service and deceptive business practices. I want the refund, and will continue to pursue the matter until I receive it.


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5f0d6df7, 2008-10-12, 11:27PM CDT

I live in the US and

I too had an issue with this company last year. Though not on such a large scale. I ordered a rather expensive riding helmet after speaking with someone on a US phone number. I was sent a confirmation E mail a couple of weeks later which had on the invoice an extra $35.00 for shipping. I querird this , as I had been qouted a much more reasonable shipping cost.

I then decided to cancel said hat.

Obviously the company was displeased as when I attempted contact at a later date over something completely different, I was told I was on their list of customers who were no longer able to trade with the company---tut tut, I had been banished!!!!!!!

Glad to find out about the source of their garments. It's certainly an eye-opener.

a2b44dd8, 2010-03-31, 08:12PM CDT

I had a very similar experience with Class Equestrian and Susan Jesson-Ward. I ordered a Side Saddle Riding habit and paid over $300 in advance. Susan took my measurements via internet and telephone. In the following months I never received the habit, none of my calls or emails were answered and I was eventually refunded the money by my credit card company.

0fee6172, 2010-05-10, 09:50AM CDT

Had a similar experience in 2008. Paid for a hunt coat up front and having travelled to a London tailor to be measured i was having no luck after 3 months and started smelling a rat. Eventually got to talk to her in Oman - got a personal mobile no for her. Asked her for my money back and she refused. I then opened dispute with my credit card company and I have been fortunate to have been refuned in full. Glad to be able to able to add another bad luck story to this Susan Jesson-Ward and I hope everyone gets their money back!!!

9170aa7c, 2012-03-13, 02:16PM CDT

I am requesting this complaint be removed as it grossly misrepresents the facts

Fact Number 1 The coat was ordered as MADE TO MEASURE, this in itself explains that it cannot be returned as it was specifically made to fit the customer

Fact number 2 We offered for it to be returned and adjusted / refitted

Fact Number 3 After exhausting all avenues of an amicable resolution the customer demanded a refund

Fact Number 4 Customer contacted her credit card VISA provider and made a complaint requesting a refund. The application for her refund, after investigation by VISA was refused, because VISA also agreed that the customer had no grounds for a refund due to the fact that the item was custom made.

Please remove this complaint from your website

Thank you

Susan Jesson-Ward

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