AFNI, INC. - AFNI, Inc. Scam Collectors

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 7:00pm CST by 0c282362

Company: AFNI, INC.

Location: PO BOX 3427
Bloomington, IL, 61702, US


Category: Other

Today is 2/25/2008 and I have just received a bill from Afni stating I owe on an old Verizon account; in the amount of $90.86 and that they will settle for $45.43. The account number they claim is for a Verizon phone number.

This is very interesting because I have never had Verizon.

I have never had this bill show up on any past credit reports.So I checked my credit current reports and found them listing that I owe them.

I paid for a search on the phone number they listed and I am not connected to that number. I called Verizon California Inc. and spoke to Eric, he said that it wasn't even a Verizon number and they had no records of me on any account!

I visited Budd Hibbs and Rip off report on the WWW only to find out that this agency was scamming me.

I am really upset about this bogus claim on my credit report and have never had the phone number they claim I had, nor have I ever had a Verizon account. I owe nothing to Verizon or these people and I am not giving them one red cent.

I want an apology from Afni, Inc on their letter head signed by their owners and managers; and I want them off my credit report as well as print outs at their expense of the corrected credit reports.

What gives them the right to steal my identity and make up a bogus bill?

How many more California people have been scammmed by this outfit?

Someone needs to shut these type of rip off artists down and fine them big time.

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7410f23b, 2009-12-17, 03:12PM CST

Hello I recieved a call from afnicollections they would not identify what company they were calling about but were asking some very personal questions for instance what my ssn is I am not gonna give someone who can not identify who they are calling for my ssn

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