weedman - useless service+threats for destroying credit hisory

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2008 at 3:53pm CST by 2bb45850

Product: weedman lawncare service provider

Company: weedman

Location: 11 grandmarshall drive ,ontario,
scarborough, on, m1b 5n6, CA

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hello every body here .we tried last summer lawncare service thinking of getting beutiful weed free lawn.my husband told them he will pay the bill after getting the work done(free from weeds)and they said its ok with them .but they were unable to remove weeds from our lawn instead of that they have ruined our plants of vegetables and fruits by spraying harmful chemicals to our lawn as my hasband warns them of places where he do planting of veg and fruits.they continues to send bill to our house .my husband call them at every bill that he is not satisfied with their work and he will not gonna pay any bill and also they have ruined our suumer by not letting enjoy our backyard and ruining our plants.the agent at the phone always says its ok do not worry they will not gonna charge any bill.but company keeps on sending bill.and afterthat now they have threaten us by any money collection service to harm our credit history.now my husband has paid the bill b/c its time for our new mortgage term and he dont want any bad thing for his credit history.however my request for all of u is that PLS BEWARE OF WEEDMAN LAWNCARE SERVICE


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cf2e366e, 2008-08-27, 08:22PM CDT

You are absolutely right. The operators of weedman are not professional or ethical at all. Using them is pretty much a waste of money. On Friday August 22, 2008 they sprayed some chemical on my lawn, two days later the grass started going brown. My wife called to complain on Monday August 25, 2008 and someone came on Tuesday 26th to inspect. The report was that the lawn has leaf spot disease. Funny that two of my neighbors whose lawns was also sprayed that day had the exact result.

So my lawn went from 4" dark green to dead in 2 days. Even though they started "treatment" in spring it was not until july that my lawn actually started looking good, no thanks to weedman.

What I did was use the lowest setting on the mower to cut the grass, rake the clippings, apply top dressing, overseed and water, then fertilize a few weeks later. That is all that is necessary folks.

I just left them a message for someone to contact me to discuss but I am still going to launch complaints with the better business bureau and ontario ministry of the environment.


d27b7f86, 2009-02-21, 07:18PM CST


Any luck with the BBB process?

john d., 2009-10-04, 11:07AM CDT

YES the weedman IS JUST AOTHER ONE OF THOSE COMPANYS TO WATCH OUT FOR WHEN YOU CANCLE YOUR LAWN SEVICE, i know two REPORTS of canclations and they were billed anyway , as for myself Im going to cancle the sevice because the weeds were not taken care of as promised , and I will be asking for that persons name and a comformation number so theres no excuse to be billed ,its to easy for them to have access to the credit bureau and give you bad credit when there just to stupid to just cancle in the first place, this is aother company that is going red flaged and should be investigated for there unprofessional business pratices.

d5c14bfe, 2013-09-24, 07:48PM CDT

2013 I used Weedman. What a waste of time and money. After Weedman killed 2 of my gardens and the bottoms of my cedar bushes I cancelled the service. To cancel I had to speak to the assistant manager who completely freaked out on the phone. He was yelling and accusing me of being at fault. It was so bad that I had to hang up. He called me back with a message saying he did cancel the service. I did pay all my bills but I don't know why. A month later I started getting hang up calls from some cell phone. 1-2 calls a day for 2 weeks(so far). Calling late and hanging up on me and my kids. He finally talked to my husband and said "This is Weedman...oh your service is cancelled" then hung up on him and yes of course the service never rectified the weeds.

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