Mxmotorsports - Mxmotorsports - rick marabini the worst bike scooter i have ever bought in my life.

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2008 at 11:14am CST by 1b9d4063

Product: SUNL SL250-2

Company: Mxmotorsports

Location: MxMOTORSPORTS Corp. 1000 Stinson Way Unit #115 West Palm Beach, FL 33411
West Palm Beach, FL, 33411, US


Category: Other

I bought a product from mxmotorsports ( (west palm beach fla.) on November 8th it shipped November 13th I received it around November 17 or November 18th with missing parts and promptly started calling emailing etc for parts I had several problems registering the bike with Dmv but finally did.

After insurance and 120.00 in fees and still no parts from mxmotorsports the bike ran for 599 miles before the radiator fan failed temp gauged was maxed out and no fan working and the bike wheezed, coughed and spit out oil and water on my porch.

After this it would not start at all with keys with the remote it would turnover but not start the rings and or piston are probably burned out radiator fan and what ever parts in that system and maybe the piston not to mention what vehicle scooter motorcycle or whatever could ever be trusted after such a sight blowing a engine after 599 miles more then likely the engine is going to have to be rebuilt.

I have attempted to contact Rick Marabini November 12 14 17 19 by phone and email and have parts request since November 17 November 19 and December 19 and now February 13th oh and I contacted him by phone on January 19 also and emailed him I then tried to contact a local TV station and he told me he was unaware that I had contacted him in 2 months and suddenly wanted to talk when she contacted by email.

I have contacted him again but I believe this is only lip service and he will soon ignore my emails phone calls and voice mails once again as he has in the past I have attempted to go through the credit card and this is slow but I am having trouble because i am on social security disability and no car and I have to rent and transport the bike to a shop to get repair estimates and at this time I am paying for repairs on the bike this bike was supposed to replace.

So I have something to drive at all of course Mr. Marabini is no hurry of course he has his money and he has a business to run more people to defraud. I have no doubt there are other people that have problems with this gentleman or his products.


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0bcd6233, 2008-07-17, 03:06PM CDT

well he was very nice to me. Sorry to hear this but it sounds weird to me.

6b9249e3, 2008-07-29, 04:40AM CDT

I am having many problems with this man and his company. I order a scooter from him on June 23 2008 which was to ship in 3 to 5 days. I was sent a e-mail on July the 15th that the scooter was not available. He offered a replacement scooter and I accepted that. A week later I was contacted again and asked if I would pay more and take a larger scooter. I agreed since I would like to have something for my money. I am still waiting for my scooter. Here is the deal. 3 different scooters and much money later I still have nothing to show for my dealing with this man and his company MX Motorsports! I recommend that you do not buy anything from this outfit unless you just want to give your money to a guy in W. Palm beach, FL>

db30f3e2, 2008-09-17, 04:16PM CDT

I would agree. I have never had the misfortune to be forced to deal with such a foul individual.

I waited nearly 4 weeks for Rick to send me the title for my bike. When he was finally able to 'find' the title he refused to send it to me overnight because the $14 was too expensive for shipping.

After 4 months, I am still waiting on a cash refund, damaged part, and undelivered products.

"I'll take care of you buddy. It will go out today" MY ASS!

What ever discount you think you may be getting...your not. Avoid at all cost.

35bb7f41, 2009-03-02, 12:28PM CST

I bought a GPX 150cc motor off of him Mid November, it came missing the intake manifold and an Oring washer for the oil cooler. After three emails over 3 months and finally a last one threatening to send the engine back... I promptly got the part so I could start the engine. It runs good but the clutch need some work. Hes pathetic.


93890260, 2009-08-13, 06:04PM CDT

Why did you keep driving it with the fan broke & the temp guage max out?

Sorry that was not to smart!

Sure seems like a new fan would have been cheaper than a whole new engine.

A little common sense would have went pretty far.

cdaa3355, 2010-03-31, 10:39AM CDT

I bought a 250cc quad from Rick for my Son's birthday in April of 09, I needed new parts for the defective ones that came on the bike (Starter, Carb) also the front tires both came apart in chucks (dry rot). I have been inquireing on these parts since Oct. of 09 and continue to get the run around from Rick. I don't even care about the warrenty I just need the parts and told him I would pay for them. He keeps telling me they are on back order, it's been 5 months now!!! He is a joke, I went by his West Palm location last week and it's been cleaned out... Who knows where the jackass is now. Does anyone know where I can get the parts I need???

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