Stampco Concrete Inc - Beware of Stampco Concrete Inc. in Henderson NV

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2008 at 5:14pm CST by Paul H.

Product: Stamped Concrete Driveway

Company: Stampco Concrete Inc

Henderson, NV, 89052, US

Category: Other

We contracted Stampco to do our driveway, sidewalk and entryway. We gave them the required deposit to start the job. Stampco damaged our planters,outdoor lighting,sprinkler pipes,plants,front door and house stucco. We have pictures and notice of corrections from the NV State Contractors Board. They also left a bootprint in the freshly poured entry way concrete and denied doing so. They were paid in full and Stampco has made no effort to stand behind their work.

The owner of the company Owen Ondrisko responded with. "we are not responsible for damage to your fucking house, read the god dam contract." Ondrisko and his brother used profanity and yelled at my wife and I on 2-06-07 after being confronted with the issues of construction defects and damage to our house. They called the Henderson Police and filed a bogus report against us maliciously

Our driveway is cracking and lifting due to shoddy construction. I have posted a scientific report from a P.H.D.'s findings of our distressed Driveway.

Stampco has made no effort to remedy this situation. I have asked for our nmoney back and have not heard from Mr. Ondrisko as of 2-25-08.

We have not been treated fairly, honestly and ethically and have been a victim of shoddy construction work,deception and poor business practices.

Beware of Stampco. Stampco surrended their license voluntarily and were issued another one with a different name.

Summary from P.H.D.

This letter is written to provide you with a summary of our investigation of the distressed driveway at the subject site. The driveway is approximately 35 feet x 35 feet in

dimensions. The defects associated with the driveway are listed below:

Concrete curling. The corners and edges of the concrete panels are curling up.

Up to ??? inch differential elevation along a 10 foot straight edge. At the edge of

the panels there is up to ??? inch elevation difference between the edge of the

concrete panels and the surrounding concrete border strips.

??? Thickness of the concrete slab was inadequate. Five concrete cores were taken in

the driveway. The concrete slab thickness varied between 1?? inches to 4??


??? Concrete slab is cracked and the cracking is continuing. When the concrete curls

it leaves a void beneath the curled area. The concrete in this area becomes

cracked when an automobile drives over the void area.

??? Petrographic Analysis of the concrete cores showed the following:

o There was differential hydration of the concrete from top to bottom. This

was most evident in the upper portion of the slab. The slab was poured

under very cold conditions.

o Freeze-thaw damage included some cracks down to ?? inch beneath the top

surfaces and reduced cementitious hydration in the uppermost concretes.

No air entrainment was found in the concrete. Air entrainment is

recommended when pouring under freezing conditions.

o Cracks and relatively soft paste makes the driveway surface potentially

susceptible to scaling especially with continued wear of the clear coating.

o The driveway was poured at too high of water/cement ratio. Interpreted

overall water to cement ratio was 0.55 to 0.60 based on comparison of

observed paste properties to laboratory reference samples of similar type

and age. The uppermost ??? inch to ?? inch of each sampled concrete had

an interpreted water to cement ratio slightly in excess of 0.60. When

concrete is exposed to freeze-thaw then the water to cement ratio should

not be greater than 0.45.

We have 62 captioned photographs to document these


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7d79e439, 2008-06-26, 11:19PM CDT

It has been alleged through reliable sources that Stampco Concrete uses illegal immigrants and convicted felons to do their work for them. The work is usually sub par and will require extensive restoration within a couple years. It is probably best not to ever do business with them since it will cost you more in the long run if you do hire them.

7d79e439, 2008-06-27, 03:30AM CDT

Anyone researching the business owner of Stampco Concrete, Owen Ondrisko, his cocktail waitress wife, Denise, and Owen's brother, Kevin Griffith (check his criminal record), should be made aware of Owen and his wife's contributions to elect district court judges. Kurt Harris is one example.

Do these contributions help Stampco and their illegal business practices win in court? You be the judge ... only if you're not paid off, natch!

76e976d2, 2008-06-30, 07:22PM CDT

After reading all of the complaints online about Owen Ondrisko, Denise Ondrisko, one may assume Stampco Concrete is preparing themselves for a bankruptcy so they can steal all they money they owe to people and open up a new concrete business under a new Inc. business (or LLC) so they can open up a new illegal business. Follow them around and get your money back!!

This might end up being a good "Dateline" investigation, so report them!

910c0715, 2009-10-07, 11:48AM CDT

I have used Stampco more than once and the information contained above does not appear to be legitimate. He sounds like an angry, bitter person who has more disputes in his life that one should have. He should get over himself and move on.

35607663, 2009-11-19, 12:20PM CST

It sounds to me like your the bitter one here. Your more than likely Owen or Denise. I see you changed the name of your business? Why is that? You will get complaints for your new name as well!

Owen ripped me off too than turned in the guy that did work for him for not having a license! Your such a dirtbag.

Cheers Denise & Owen

Your both scum of the earth!

910c0715, 2010-05-24, 06:16PM CDT

This is obviously a disgruntled individual. Too bad. He is angry and apparently hates everyone. I mean, attacking an individual and his wife, it is over the top. I would not pay any attention to this posting and it should be removed by because it is libelous in its nature.

Paul H., 2013-03-04, 12:24AM CST

The original poster gave factual information citing from a scientific report prepared by a PHD.

The truth is a great defense for slander/libel allegations!

The driveway is doing exactly what several forensic concrete professionals predicted! The driveway is crumbling, cracking, lifting, sagging and failing! It speaks for itself!

If anyone is contemplating doing business with Stampco?, or his new company APOCC and Owen Ondrisko please contact me and I will provide them with two separate reports and laboratory analysis that proves Owens concrete has issues that resulted in premature failure!

I will also invite them to inspect the driveway and show you the " boot print " in the entryway that Owen denied his employees did., the broken solid brass fixtures and the other damage done by Stampco to this residence!

The truth will prevail !

Stampco's license was voluntarily surrendered to the NV State Contractors Board in 2006!

They are now operating as APOCC "All Phases Of Concrete Construction"

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