Calphalon Kitchen Outlet - Calphalon refuse to refund defective pan

Posted on Sunday, February 24th, 2008 at 12:54pm CST by 1100320c

Product: 11 Square Griddle Pan

Company: Calphalon Kitchen Outlet

Location: 18 Lightcap Rd #1177
Pottstown, PA, 19464, US


Category: Other

On Jan 27, 2008 we purchased 2 pans from the Calphalon Outlet. One 11" Square Griddle Pan (non-stick) and one 12" Omelette Pan (Calphalon One Infused).

After a number of uses we noticed that the 11" Square Griddle Pan started to warp! At first just a little and we thought it might have had this issue when we first purchased it. However, the warping got worse - actually so bad that we could no longer use the pan.

The 12" pan was a poor performer in our kitchen from the first use. Everything we cooked would stick and burn. Didn't really matter how much oil or butter was used when cooking - everything would stick!

We decided to return both items to the store where we bought the them. Only after a long argument did they agree to accept return of the 12" pan. They outright refused to accept return of the 11" warped pan. It was purchased in the clearance section and as such was not eligible to be returned! This even though there clearly was something wrong with the item. The sales associate actually suggested we take the pan to the garage and try to straighten it with a hammer! I think not.

Anyway - we walked away with a refund for the 12" pan and with the 11" pan in hand. The pan will go directly to the trash bin and Calphalon has lost a potential future customer - including all the people we can influence NOT to buy Calphalon.


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327735e8, 2009-02-11, 10:20PM CST

Have you tried returning it to Calphalon? Not the store but the company. I have returned many pieces and have always received as good as, or better pieces because they're all guaranteed for life. ?That is, as long as you use them according to instructions and clean them also according to instructions. Write a note explaining your experience along with the product to:

Calphalon Consumer Relations

240 Metty Drive, Suite D

Ann Arbor MI 48103

Send at your cost incl.ins. and tracking.

2d48da46, 2010-07-13, 11:56AM CDT

I also have a complaint. Not so much about their product but about their customer service in the bridal registry department. Michele who is in charge of processing everything for the bride and groom to receive their bridal registry and completion gift. I did my part. I follow up and called on a weekly basis to make sure there's no delay or discrepancies on receiving my complimentary calphalon nonstick wok. The advisement from their dept is to wait 12 weeks since it takes that long to process. They didnt have any information about my paperwork so their generic answer was to wait 12 weeks, but of course, I continue to call them. Well after many runarounds, 7/8 months later, I still have not received my nonstick wok. They finally gave me a contact person name Michele who is in charge of the bridal registry. I had to followup many times as well before receiving any type of answer from her. Finally, an answer. There was some problems???, but will process my paperwork and I will receive a nonstick griddle? A griddle? The original offer has expired. But I did my part and submitted everything in. (I even mailed it in twice, and followup many times) They said they are not responsible for anything. BUT it was under their advisement to wait 12 weeks, and even then, they said they didnt have any answers, and to continue to wait a little longer. So why is it that I am not eligible to receive my gift if it's their error???? Knowing what I know now, I will not recommend to future brides to register for wedding gifts from Calphalon. They are not accountable for any error on their part. I am so displeased with their service and will never buy anything from Calphalon. They do not work with the customers.

26207b0c, 2013-02-09, 10:30AM CST

I wish I can say the same, at 1st after I contacted them they send me e-mail they asked me to e-mail picture of the pot set, after I did that I been trying to get hold of some one, for over a months now, and GOD know how many e-mails I send them and no respond,

This the respond subjects they send me!

Re: Calphalon Customer Service [Inquiry: 130118-000329]

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