Apt. Movers of Dallas

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Company: Apt. Movers of Dallas

Location: 415 East Airport Freeway #400 Irving, TX 75062
Irving, TX, 75062, US

URL: http://www.aptmovers.com/

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Apt. Movers of Dallas

Do not hire this company. Apt. Movers basically underbids the competition and then, once your furniture is in their possession, demands extra money to complete the move. Despite their claims, they do not have professional movers and instead hire people off the street with no training. I got a house painter and a day laborer who had no clue how to move furniture. Apt. Movers does not even have the proper equipment to call themselves a moving company. The movers showed up with a pickup and a small U-Haul-style trailer instead of a moving truck. Though my contract clearly said I would need things disassembled and reassembled, the movers showed up with no tools and instead stole mine. They lost an antique end table, broke an expensive desk and scratched 5 pieces of furniture. To add insult to injury, the movers walked out before the job was finished, leaving me to move my own furniture into the new place and reassemble everything by myself. Check their BBB records they have had 87 complaints in the last 3 years. Do not hire this company. If you have had a bad experience with Apt. Movers, Im interested in hearing your story. Please e-mail me at [email protected]


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I hired them also, have a tremendous amount of damage, they refuesd to do anything so i am taking these jerks to court

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Services To Be Provided:

Packing All - March 14, 2011

Moving ?? March 15, 2011

Unpacking All ?? March 15, 2011

The crew was 3 men. They arrived on the 14th and proceeded to pack my belongings.

The crew returned on the morning of the 15th and finished packing my belongings and started loading the truck. I repeatedly asked the youngest of the crew to be careful with my belongings. He would load the dolly and when he took it to the truck would let the dolly just drop down the 2 steps rather than controlling the drop. I told him to be more careful and not just let the dolly drop because he was going to break my things. He did not even acknowledge my comments or apologize.

I had four pieces of glass art and specifically asked the leader of the team to be very careful with the pieces and wrap them very carefully. I noticed later that the largest piece was in a box with other items wrapped in one piece of paper. I pointed out to the team leader that it was an expensive piece of art and I would like it wrapped more securely. He took the piece and told me he would wrap it in bubble wrap and blankets.

They had not brought a big enough truck for all of my things and when we left the apartment there were still items that had to be moved. We left the apartment to go to the house between 10 & 11 AM. When we arrived at the house they asked me where to put the boxes. I advised them that since they had not labeled the boxes I didn??t know where they needed to put them. We would have to figure it out as they unpacked them. They advised me that they were not unpacking me. I told them they needed to check with the office because I was paying for them to unpack everything they packed. They called the office and found out they were indeed supposed to unpack everything.

After they unloaded the truck they went to lunch and returned to the apartment to move the remainder of my belongings. I stayed at the house to wait for the cable, internet, and telephone installer.

When they returned with the rest of my belongings I asked them where the glass art was. They said they had a lot more boxes to unpack. I waited about an hour and asked again. I was told the same thing. I asked several times and was told the same thing. Between 5 & 6 PM they finally told me they had broken the largest piece. One of them had hit it against the edge of the truck. I asked where it was and they said they had thrown it away in the dumpster at the apartment that morning. I asked why they hadn??t shown it to me. I could possibly have taken it to the glass gallery and had it fixed. I was told it was in too many pieces to be fixed. The one that broke it had taken a picture of it with his phone to prove he hadn??t stolen it. They finally showed me the picture and they had broken off the top right corner of the piece.

I told my cleaning lady about the art and when she went to clean the apartment the next morning she took it upon herself to check the dumpster for the piece and it wasn??t there.

I talked with the glass gallery and was told we could have fixed the art, it would never look like the original, but it could still be a viable piece of art. However since they had decided to hide the breakage from me and throw it away I did not have the opportunity to salvage the piece. They took it upon themselves to throw away my property which, as far as I??m concerned, equals theft. The police told me it is a civil matter since I invited them into my house to move my belongings.

Before the movers left the lead man came to me and told there was nothing left in the apartment, they had brought everything.

When my cleaning lady arrived at the apartment the next morning she called to let me know that a number of things had been left in the apartment:

Electric broom

2 cat beds

Shower curtain & matching trash can

2 protective sleeves for the couch

Pot hooks

Rechargeable Flashlight

When I arranged for my move I talked with Nils Johnson, she insisted that I talk with her only, and she assured me she would send her best team and they would be very careful with my belongings. I had told her I had some very nice and some very expensive things. After the move she refused to speak to me. She referred me to Todd Carpenter, claims manager. He advised me that since I had not bought the additional insurance they would pay me $ .60 a pound for the art. When I explained to him that it was still a viable piece of art and could have been fixed he said they didn??t care about my art. It may mean something to me, but not to them. I told him that they had virtually stolen my property since they had taken it upon themselves to throw it away without even telling me that it was broken, and then they lied to me about it all day long. When the piece was broken they did not know they were going to unpack everything so they thought they could get away without telling me about the breakage. I did not have an opportunity to try and save the piece.

The cost of the art was $1,035.

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