Iberia Airlines - Iberia lost mu luggage and failed to compensate me

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2008 at 1:17pm CST by da313c75

Company: Iberia Airlines

Location: ES

Category: Other

1st Poblem: missing luggage

So it all started on June 6th 2007. I went from Brussels to Madrid and from there to Lanzarote (Canary Islands). On arrival at Lanzarote my luggage wasn't there. It had been lost bij Iberia somewhere along the road.. I Immediately went to the luggage service where a spanish man asked my TACK number and pasport. He had switched my familyname for my first name. So my file was not Yserbyt, but called Lynn.

The second thing he asked was a description of my luggage. I carefully described it.

I filed a complaint with my boss (I was entertainer and worked in a team) who spoke spanish (Cuban).

No news after 3 days so I went back to the airport.. they didn't know or couldn't tell me anything usefull.

So I called my school and they started calling Iberia. I called Iberia many times during the time my luggage was missing. The only language they know, Espanol, nada mas.

My mother called about 15 times. Nobody ever awnsered. Most of the time she had to give up calling. The waiting time for somebody to pick up the phone at Iberia luggage service is about 20 minutes. And even then they didn't speak English on a understanding level.

So we called back to the school and they too were fed up, so they hired a lawyer. He called the company went to the airport in Brussels.. In the meanwhile I was told to make a list of the objects that were in the luggage. I did it so carefully that I actually didn't miss anything out (the stolen goods were on that list as well).

The lawyer probably scared the hell out of them (Iberia), because after 21 days my bagage turned up at my hotel.

During those 21 days Iberia had promised us a compensation of 52 euros (+/- 77 dollars) for each day I was without it. 52 x 21 = 1092 (1617 dollars).

When I received my luggage several objects were missing including some expensive branded clothing, my new basketball, shoes, tops, shirts, etc.

Next problem: compensation and damage claim

So the luggage was returned to me on June 27th 2007. I stayed in Lanzarote for about 6 months, untill the end of octobre. During that time I made lists and copies of pasport and stolen objects. Really I must have sent the list of stolen things about 4 times. And the asked a copy of my pasport about 8 times. (They must have a master genius working that administrative job)

Mother kept calling now for the compensation they had promised us. Everytime they would talk Spanish or little English. They couldn't even understand numbers! So Mother called about 20 times during those six months and everytime she was told we would het payed in about 2 weeks, 1 months, the next time it was 3 months ...

I eventually arrived home on Octobre 1th 2007. Still no compensation. Mother called back, they needed ANOTHER copy of my pasport!!! Again we take a copy we fax it. We also faxed an angry letter to them, believe me I was really agitated. Mother called 1 day after to know if they had received the faxes. The awnser was YES, and we were told to expect the compensation (again) by the newyear or just after newyear.

We waited. and waited. 2 weeks after newyear still no news. Mother called again. oh yes, they needed another copy of my pasport. How cool is that?! I've never made so many copies of my pasport in 4 years!

Eventually we got 2 letters from Spain Iberia. A lettre to let us know that we are not going to be compensated for the stolen goods. And a second one to inform us that we get 147 euro out of the 1092 euro (218 out of the 1617 dollars) that was promised us.

It is simply discusting how they postpone it so that eventually they don't have to pay you. They just kept us holding and holding and holding.

I will never ever travel with Iberia again! They absolutely don't have customer care service and no luggage service. I have never been put ashamed like that! And I never will again. I will discourage people travelling with Iberia.


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