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Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2008 at 11:53pm CST by 5aeece4a

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I called to get a Princess to perform at my daughters birthday party. It was a party for my 5 year old and 2 year old. I got a verbal confirmation of Snow White for 2/9/2008 but Cinderella showed up. I was unaware of the character change because i had not checked my email in a couple of days and the confirmation she sent came the night before the party! We made arrangements on Tuesday. And what really made me mad was that the party was themed Snow White.

The real problem came when she was late because she did not follow the specific directions given to her over the phone the previous night . Second, she parked directly in front of my house and got dressed. She put her wig for sure and possibly her dress on in the car. Children that were in the backyard and in the home saw her. Not to mention the MANY guest that arrived at the same time.

When she came in I was appalled! She was not the princess everyone was looking for. She was late, sloppy, and wore absolutely no makeup at all to even resemble a princess. Her pictures online were wonderful but what walked into my party with over 100 guest was unbelievable and embarrassing.

I, and many others, thought she was a guy. Her dress was too big and she had an extra large T-SHIRT on underneath the supposedly, princess dress; which was a few sizes too big.

My guest gawked and laughed and made comments because she obviously didn't look anything like a princess. Snow White wears her hair up and this lady had a long curly wig down her back. The children didn't even know who she was suppose to be.

When she left, she got back in her car while all the kids are waiving goodbye and took off her wig! I couldn't believe it.

I contacted the party company owner and requested a refund on the second half of my deposit and she basically told me to shove it. Her email, not phone call, was rude and very unprofessional and in bold letters at the end said "YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED ANYTHING!"

I emailed pictures of the Snow White that showed up and want to send the video but she wont reply with an address. I have left voice mails and she has not returned my calls either.

This company has handled this matter very unprofessionally and I am a very upset parent. I spent LOTS of money to have a beautiful party and the perfect princess and the company owner doesn't even have the decency to return my calls.

Its been 12 days and I still haven't heard back from the company. At this point i am willing to take them to court if i could get and address to serve them. It not the money either, its the principle. The owner didn't apologize and try to come to some agreement or even respond as if she cared about the ruined party.


2e21f74e, 2008-07-21, 11:05PM CDT

At Dreamstar Parties we strive to please all of our customers. We take great pride in delivering a superior level of service in the industry. Also as a small, growing business we welcome complaints and view them as opportunities for improvement. We also take complaints very seriously and full investigations are launched into each and every complaint. As a result of complaints we have been able to improve our operations and do not hesitate taking responsibility, issuing refunds and/or offering other accommodations to make the situation right when we are in the wrong. While it is our policy not to disclose the details of specific customer complaints, be assured this customers (like any other) complaint was taken seriously and handled in the upmost professional manner. While we regret to hear that this customer is not satisfied with the solution we offered, it is important to remember that we perform at hundreds of children celebrations every month and receive relatively few complaints. As a matter of fact, many of our customers are return customers. So the next time it is your childs special celebration, call on the best... Dreamstar Parties!!

c458eec9, 2008-10-29, 02:01PM CDT

Do take them to court give the Lawyer the contact info you have he/she can track them down..be sure you have your pictures and a few witnesses..if possible the oldest child who attended, as well as any other proof you may have! Good Luck!

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