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Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 at 1:08pm CST by 5f815dd7

Product: maytog stove

Company: mr appliance

Location: 24690 sandhill blvd


Category: Stores, Shopping

called 2/11 they came out told us 246.00 to replace the bake element, we asked the price of the parts , we where told they don't tell you that --- called the office and asked the same question they told us they would let us know made 5 more phones call to them with no answer till 2/19 when they left a message from the owner telling us they don't give a breakdown of what they charge --- its either pay or or don't use us so 9 days to get a simple question answered as to what a part costs, never was the a question about the total just asking for an explanation -- and the answers after nine days was we cant do that in my world that's terrible customer service to be unable to answer a question like that i called another local place and they told me price of the part and the labor to install in minutes (even calling me back) 24 hrs later my stove works again don't call mr appliance-- they are hiding something and their refusal to even try to get someone a price on the parts they are installing is a terrible way to do business



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0959e4d5, 2008-04-03, 10:14AM CDT

What dont you understand about Flat rate Pricing? Parts price is never given they have a task that they select and a part number which gives them a price for you the are in buisness not chairty

ca6df279, 2009-02-25, 09:46AM CST

I would first like to say Thank You to this customer for taking an interest in providing others with his or her experience in dealing with a business of any kind. It is one of the great functions of the internet. Next, I would like to explain. I have been in the appliance sales and service business here in SWF for more than 25 years. I have personally made the decision on many different occasions throughout this period to alter the way in which we not only calculate our prices, but also communicate them via our invoice. I can say one thing that stands true about every method that I have tried. "Not a single one of these methods used, satisfied 100% of our customers." My wife and I stuggled nearly 20 years as an independent servicer, 18 of those owning and operating a Maytag Home Appliance Center in Pt Charlotte. In July of '04, we made the decision to join the Mr Appliance Team. There are roughly 160 Mr Appliances Franchises nationwide. I am proud to say, in '08 our team received the highest honor as "Franchise of the Year". We have had as many as 7 vans running since starting the Mr Appliance. In 20 years of trying to grow our business as an independent the most I ever had was one van running service. The Mr Appliance program has many tools to offer, several of which just simply are not affordable as an independent. The greatest tool of all is the software program that comes with joining the team. In my opinion, it is second to none. The feature that my wife and I have the greatest appreciation for, is the same feature, this customer has a challenge with. Let me explain. Prior to becoming a Mr Appliance, just as the other service company mentioned, any and everyone on our team had the ability, so we thought, and the authority to create and share the price of any repair. Here lies the problem. One could call our office on Monday and talk to John and get a price. One could call John on Thursday and get a different price. One could call on Friday and get Jane and who knows what the price may be. Another scenario is this. I may have a Service Professional on one side of town charging the customer his price for the wim wam he has on his van along with any labor charge he choses. Simultaneously I may have a different Service Professional on the other side of town charging a different price for his wim wam and a different price for his labor, as he feels he is worth more than the other guy. My wife and I agree, our customers deserve to be consistently treated fairly, regardless of which team member they have the honor of experiencing. Today, our Service Professionals carry hand held computers. Upon diagnosing the challenge at hand, he chooses from a list of job descriptions the one that fits the repair at hand, goes to the parts section and enters the part number and the computer produces a price for the customer to see. We believe, it is not necessary that our team members know how to or be bothered with pricing a job, but instead creating a "Service Experience" the customer will value and recommend. Unfortunately there are cases, however so few, that we fall short on our efforts, this being one of them. As to if and why I took so long to respond to this customer, I have no excuse and it simply is unexcusable. I apologize for my tardiness and as the owner of this business I would not expect the customer to settle for an explanation from no less than I. Thank You For The Opportunity, Bob Tuck

94ca4e37, 2011-08-20, 06:41AM CDT

All invoices should have a brea

kdown of trip charge, labor, parts and warranty.

If a company will not porvide that for you up front,send them on their way.

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