TARGET stores/heaquarters - TARGET poor customer service

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 at 7:18pm CST by 80f5dd07

Company: TARGET stores/heaquarters

Location: NY, NY, US

Category: Other

Went to Target at GAteway-Starret City Bklyn NY location for their"baby sale" from Feb 3-9 2008. Found most of the itmes advertised except of course the most needed item...Graco Alano Travel System. Asked sales associate for a rain check, was given "rain check" asked when t expired, was told in 45days. Proceeded to pay for all my other items and left store. A couple of days later looked at "rain check" only to find out it was not a vaild rain check because cashier had not validated it. Why you may ask? Well turns out as far as i know Target is the only vendor that gives you a stub that only becomes a REAL rain check after it is proceeded by a target cashier the same day it is written. Ok,on the stub it does gives you instruction, but honestly with any other vendor once you are handed a rain check you are good to go. no validating is required. So i called store only to be told "too bad", called Target headquarters to be told same thing. What really gets to me is that yes, i should have LOOKED at what was given to me, but also i should have been told by sales person that it was not an actual rain check YET!!! by the responce i got from Target, they REALLY don't care about you or your complaints. And that is really too bad because now i'm going to for more baby items!


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