T-Mobile - Retention and Customer Loyalty is not priorty!

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 at 5:24pm CST by 6cb12f81

Product: Cellular Telephone company

Company: T-Mobile

Location: Customer Relations PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM, 87176-7380, US

URL: http://www.tmobile.com/

Category: Other

I called the customer service dept. on 02/18/08 to add an additional feature on my account(text messaging). As a courtesy the rep back dated the feature and the rep stated to me that I would see the update online in 24 hrs. To ensure that I understood the result of the call I explained that my current bill of 142.34 was due and I was going to make a payment. Because of the nature of the transaction I repeated to her my expectations and told the rep I wanted to know what to pay on the bill that was already due on the 19th, she stated that the new bill would be *approx $114.00 so this would be the amount that I should pay the next day(I was driving at the time and didn't write down the exact figure.) Nothing updated and the bill remained the same. So I called today to see the status and no one is willing to honor what was told to me (bottom line the calculated results is approx 12.86 credit) so once my contract is up we will be leaving. I s/w 2 reps and 2 supervisors(Sharon, Jennifer, *Melanie and *Richard) I have worked in a call center environment for over 15yrs. It seems to me that the "customer is always right" mentality is out the door. The cost of losing an existing customer vs starting a new one is a bigger loss and will add to the company's churn statistics. The principle of not being able to step out of the box is what bothers me as a consumer(I honestly feel if I wasn't binded in a contract right now maybe this would've been done to keep me from leaving.) I paid a very large bill recently and have spent a lot of money and with this company. Up to this point I have had nothing but positive experiences with T-Mobile. I am not one to make a complaint but when you're a small fish in a big pond and as a consumer you are made to feel like "we will not hurt if we lose you"...is not a good feeling. Word of mouth can be a company's worst enemy when a bad experience sticks. It just seems to me when I asked both supervisors to pull the call and listen to it they couldn't/wouldn't do that....nor did it matter that when I said "I would leave" the response was "well if we lose you thats to bad, but if we credited every customer 12.86 this wouldn't be a smart business decision either" doesn't seem like a good response to me and if by giving me a goodwill credit of 12.86 would keep me forever didn't seem to really matter!!!! I spent over an hour of my time to be made to feel like my business doesn't count towards your success. I pride myself on being a smart business executive and have the experience of listening to my customers and knowing whats right, and retention is my number one priority but I am sorry that this is not instilled in your employees or your company's philosophy.


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