Bob Smith BMW - Bob Smith BMW, unprofessional and lying service department

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 at 12:18pm CST by f350d27d

Product: 2006 BMW 545i

Company: Bob Smith BMW

Location: 24500 Calabasas Rd.
Calabasas, CA, 91302, US


Category: Other

I took a friend's vehicle in for service at this dealership (a BMW 545i, $72,000) and received a loaner car in return, a BMW 3-Series. I have a BMW from this dealership as well. I had an accident with the loaner car, which my insurance carrier covered, less my $1,000 policy deductible. The dealership was notified of the accident where they informed me all I had to do was pay them the $1,000 deductible. The person who told me this was John Brison. He said there is no rush to pay the $1,000 and to pay it when I can. It took me a while to gather the funds to pay but I eventually made a payment plan with Service Manager Brian Howard. One day I took my own BMW in for service where they refused to release the vehicle (even though my vehicle had nothing to do with the $1,000 I owed them) at that time, after much arguing, they released the vehicle to me under the condition I pay them $250 a month to correct the $1,000 situation I owed them. I agreed to this payment plan as it was better than coming up with the $1,000 all at once. I made the first payment, then I receive a call from LA county dispatch accusing me of check fraud. Apparently BMW tried to debit my card for $1,000 wherein it was rejected. After explanation to LA county sheriff, barely NOT getting arrested, they contacted BOB Smith BMW and was convinced I wasn't trying to commit any wrongdoing. Bob Smith's John Brison, not knowing what Howard Smith (Service Mamager) arranged with me (the $250/mo payment plan) referred me to collections, not only for the $1,000, but $3,250 in additional loss-of-use charges. Charges I never heard about until an attorney called me.

Obviously, in the case of Bob Smith BMW, they are very unorganized--the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. I'll guarantee you that other customers who are involved in accidents did not incur loss-of-use charges. I dare Bob Smith to prove otherwise.

Business Manager Girard (don't know hislast name) even admitted to me that this referral to collections should not have happened without his consent--consent John Brison did NOT have.

Not only that, the Service Dept. at Bob Smith is unattentive, unprofessional, and needless to say, disorganized. I have waited around for 45-60 minutes just for them to tell me my car is ready--on several occasions. My car was also scratched up by their detailing technicians who overbuffed the paint on my 3-Series and left it swirly. They fixed the problem (not even to my satisfaction still) after 2 more attempts and hours of waiting. Without even an apology.

Stay away from Bob Smith BMW. They're rude, unprofessional, and break their professionalism with you as soon as you sign on the dotted line to purchase their vehicles.


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b8bef091, 2008-02-20, 04:00PM CST

Ya fuck BOB Smith. I'm the friend that had the 545i at the Time. They even screwed my mom over $350 blaming her for a broken CD player even though we had the same problem again with the unit I even made a video. They have the worst customer service and Service Department.

b8bef091, 2008-02-20, 04:00PM CST

Ya fuck BOB Smith. I'm the friend that had the 545i at the Time. They even screwed my mom over $350 blaming her for a broken CD player even though we had the same problem again with the unit I even made a video. They have the worst customer service and Service Department.

496eae6d, 2008-10-06, 10:18AM CDT


I will never buy from Bob Smith BMW or BMW again. In fact I would never buy BMW again period! I have purchased 4 BMW's from Bob Smith BMW in Calabasas California over the past 4 years. Beginning around 2003 I believe. All 4 vehicles were leased and were NEW. I had quality problems from the very first car.

So 2003 I leased the first set of 2 new BMW's from Bob Smith BMW and had problems from day one. I had quality and service problems from Bob Smith service department, which was run at that time by the daughter was nothing short of a scam!

Yet after turning in the 2 vehicles after the lease term was up, I decided to trust Bob Smith BMW AGAIN (based on promises from Matt Smith).

Plus the other auto manufacturers did not have anything decent to offer at that time.

So we went ahead and leased 2 more NEW, BMW's from Bob Smith BMW. And guess what more quality problems and more service problems from the dealer (Bob Smith BMW). To make things worst upon returning these last 2 cars to Bob Smith, he broke a promise to me they had BMW charge me $600.00 on return for one of the cars which was returned in PERFECT condition and with 7000 miles BELOW the allowable lease miles of 12,000.00 Basically I only put 5000 miles on the car and later that month BOB SMITH BMW had it on their lot for a hefty profit and advertised LOW MILES on the windshield! I tried to get help from BMW North America. They were just as bad as the dealer (Bob Smith BMW).

Moral of this story: Buy Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, ANYTHING but a BMW. I normally would have said do NOT buy only from Bob Smith BMW of Calabasas California. But in this case corporate BMW (BMW North America is what they call themselves) , is just as EVIL and scummy as Bob Smith BMW the dealer!

9c61bd7f, 2009-01-25, 09:03PM CST

wow arent you the disgruntled loser!

i have never had any problems like that you need medication for your problems get a life anyone can make this kind of stuff up. especially if you were made to pay for somthing its easy to see why your so angry you should be writing about how you screwed the dealer,learn how to drive and you wont have this kind of problem sorry for your loss but holly cow get over it. you should be driving a hyundai or kia anyhow no money dont buy an expensive car duh

f33c2c72, 2009-10-21, 11:58AM CDT

Screw the entire Smith family. They lie. They have ignored ALL my e-mails. Buy from a dealer like South Bay BMW instead. Or even Center in Van Nuys(that's also a stretch but they are better than Bob Smith by a LOT)

0a79902c, 2009-12-03, 11:41PM CST

wow dude you definitely have issues you need to get a life you don't even want anyone to go get the other side of the story since it makes you look like a total hysterical mental patient that had to do what he said he would do.

that said they do make medicine for your problem. get some help. and if you need a 1000 dollar deductible you should drive an 84 honda civic. and why don't u want to be contacted?

b9e231cb, 2015-03-05, 03:56AM CST

Ya you totally work at bob smith. Look at how defensive you are getting. Your probably one of the crooks himself typing away rebuttes to all the TRUE complaints on your circus of uneducated turkeys. The funny thing is the person defending bob smith that I'm responding too probably drives a corrolla. All you idiots can't afford the cars you so falsefully represent. Shame on you unintelligent dummies

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