Delta Sky Miles American Express Cancellation

Posted on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 at 9:46pm CST by c79cdcce

Company: Delta Sky Miles American Express Cancellation

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Hello Complaint Dept.,

I opened an account with Delta Sky Miles American Express Card (DSMEC) and was not informed that when I miss a payment, my account would be closed. I missed one payment in November 2007 and my account closed December 2007. My interest rate also increased very high.

The main reason I applied for this card in the first place was the attraction of the sky miles. I had not been with American Express for a very long time, but was accumulating sky miles. I knew I had a very important trip to take this February and was anticipating that the sky miles from this card would help. But I was not able to use the sky miles when I wanted to. I was informed that there is no way to restore the account. I am very upset and frustrated with Amreican Express and feel like I was cheated.

Is there anything the government can do to help? Is this a way American Express or other credit card do to cheat customers? What can I do to stop this kind of scam from credit card corperations? .

Luka Yang


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