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Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 at 8:44am CST by d82108e1

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Dear sirs, I hope I have the correct better business bureau to lodge a


I ordered & paid cash for a sofa & chair @ Ashley furniture homestore in

Turnersville, nj @ 5851 route 42 south on DECEMBER 30, 2007...

My invoice # is 10324950 .... Customer id# the $ of


I was advised delivery would be on 1/21/2008

I did not receive a phone call to advise delivery, so I called john b.

(manager) on Sunday 1/20/2008 & was told delivery is showing for

2/1/2008....john advised he was issuing a check in the amount of $70.00

(delivery charge) to be received by us in 5 days....

I called back on February 1, 2008 since still no phone call to advise

delivery so john b. advised he was issuing yet another check for our

inconvenience in the amout of $50.00, so now I'm waiting for $120.00

refund, which to date I have not received.. I was advised by john on

2/12/2008 the $70.00 check was mailed, I asked what date it was mailed

since I have not received...he responded, I don't know...

I also spoke to laurie on 2/12/2008 who advised the check for $50.00 was

never submitted, john advised he had to initial & it was faxed over to

mt. holly office for date (February 19, 2008), nothing has

been received...

On feb 20, 2008 I was now advised by john b that they switched

warehouses in Wisconsin to another location & it took 4 weeks to

transfer the furniture stored to the new warehouse....

I also received a voice mail on 2/7/2008 by the delivery depot that I

was to receive a phone call for delivery on 2/12/08, which I never they say I'll receive a phone call the end of last week or

this week, still no phone call....

Everything I have been told since 12/30/2007 has been nothing but lies &

now the manager (john b) just says I'm telling you what they tell me..&

he doesn't want to argue with me...he's sorry...

He once again offered to cancel the order & refund our money, so I said

if I cancel today (2/12/08) I will come pick up our check, he said no,

has to come from mt. holly office in about 10 days...well since I'm

waiting for checks from 1/20/08 & 2/1/08, I'm afraid to see how long I

would have to wait for that check...meanwhile we are without furniture &

my husband is having surgery on Friday & I would like him to have a sofa

or chair to be able to sit in, rather than him have to stay in bed

during recovery...please help....

Tom/Elaine jones ....4 amherst drive..chesilhurst nj.08089...609 313 COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_89854# you so much

Rose Jones

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14968ed5, 2013-03-14, 04:19PM CDT

I orderd furniture last month now they tell me the production warehouse is behind in producing the sofa so now the date is pushed up to end of march. I am going to Ceo tod wanek to find out why they have such bad customer service. I love how corp. Commercial says one of our corner stones tobeing a great place is sspeedy delivery. It apparent to me once they get you're money they don't care!

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