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Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 at 11:31am CST by 310a8b7a

Product: Heat Surge Fireless Flame Fireplace

Company: Heat Surge

Location: unknown

Category: Other

I purchased a fireplace from Heat Surge in December of 2007 However, when it arrived I saw that it was the wrong color. I called and complained so they quickly sent me a second fireplace. Unfortunatly the second one (correct color) was a reject. The box had been previous opened and taped back together from every angle. I called and told them I was going to return both fireplaces and wanted a credit back to the credit card that I used to make the original purchase.

The UPS driver picked up both items on or about January 14, 2008. The second fireplace arrived back to the shipper on the 16th of January. However the first one has not yet arrived. The UPS tracking information shows no further information about the package after January 15th.

I spoke to UPS on January 23, 2008 and they informed me that Heat Surge would have to place a tracer on the item. I then called Heat Surge (having to wait over 1 1/2 hours on hold) and spoke to Jackie, explaining to her what had happened. Jackie said that they would not put a tracer on the item but simply go ahead and issue me a credit to me within 2 to 4 weeks. It has been 4 weeks and I have not yet recieved a credit.

I tried to call Heat Surge today however, there is over a 3 hour wait time. I can only assume they are inundated with complaints!

Please someone help me get my refund.

Thank you............


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7f228a8f, 2008-09-25, 07:27PM CDT

File a dispute with your credit card company. I hope that you saved the documents from UPS with your shipping information. Unfortunately, that is your only way to prove you sent it back. It would also help to include in your letter to your credit card company the dates and times you called Heatsurge and who you spoke with.

1309005c, 2009-01-17, 05:12AM CST

I have read several posts on this issue i have had the same problem with another purchase i made with another company i recommend that everyone Call the Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint i will assure you that you will get this matter and issue resolved good luck.

ba603bf1, 2010-05-03, 02:46PM CDT

I am chairman of the Made in the USA Foundation. We are organizing a class action against Heat Surge. If you are interested, email me at [email protected]

002fcd95, 2010-12-29, 09:57PM CST

How do I add my name to the list. I have been getting the run around for months on a returned item even though I have the confirmation they got the heater back. They obviously are making interest off of customers monies the longer they delay the refund.


Ron Conlin

8857e11f, 2011-01-14, 08:37PM CST

I wish I could help. Heat Surge is about the biggest rip off I have seen in awhile. It does not seem to do any good calling their customer service number. I am on my third one, first did OK, but this new one made in China with the thermostat thing is a piece of junk. The wait time for customer service is awful and the online chat is always offline. Don't buy a heat surge, therre are better heaters for less money

ab145b66, 2012-03-27, 11:54AM CDT

i have purchased 4 of these heaters 2 for myself and 2 for my mom. After the first season, 1 started making a lot of noise and i was able to return it, and another one looks like it is shooting sparks inside, so this one is not used and the third one blows only cold air, and the forth one blows out not hot not cold air but medium. i think what has happened is when these heaters are put on sale they are rejects . when the first heater was returned and my money was sent to me, they were suppose send me authorization for the second one to be returned and that has been a year and guess what i still have it. does anyone have any ideas of what i can do for the balance of these 3 heaters to get my money back .. in my area people were raving about these heaters and if i hear anyone talking about them i let them know they are not cracked up to be what they advertize and good luck getting your money back. a $1000.00 plus that i lost .

Richard B., 2012-10-11, 09:09PM CDT

why do the united states allow people to be ripped off, I myself couldn,t even get a tracking number I,am veteran why is it that we can find all kind of ways go into other countries and we can,t even handle these charoletens sealing good americans money its like the amish runs this country its bs if it was an african americans or others doing this the CIA the FBI and the homeland security would be kicking in doors etc.

Robert C., 2014-01-28, 10:57AM CST

Unit was paid for and never delivered, Upon contacting them for 3 straight day I was told a supervisor would call me, After a week I assume that "meeting" is a duzy, DO NOT buy from this company and waste your money

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