Pep Boys - Techs lie to take consumer money were there is evidence of fraud

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2008 at 10:38pm CST by e1034696

Product: 2000 Ford truck Explorer

Company: Pep Boys

Location: 135 S. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, Co, 80909, US


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Notice of Dispute

Date: February 19, 2008

TO: Chief Legal Officer

Attn: Billing Inquiries

Dear Pep Boys,

On 12/18/07 I took a Ford Truck Explorer 2000 in for a dash light problem caused from the worn fuel filter in need of replacing and to check an oxygen sensor. I price shopped many other car service outlets and found that Pep Boys not only offered the lowest price but also had a current promotion that would provide rebates. I also found that they had very competitive prices while most car service outlets did not and that was of great convenience to me. So I brought the Ford Truck Explorer 2000 to the store. We agreed on the information above which was given to Bahman Ebrahimi that made sure the problem is understood. I authorized service on the vehicle. We agreed to a purchase price and I signed the work order #0268 2000022. I left the car, key and I left my home phone number with him to call when the work is complete. I also told him I was on a strict budget and if there was any cost above the price I signed for I must have a phone call from him before he did anything. This was the Colorado store on 135 N. Academy, Colorado Springs, CO 80909.

I received a phone call about the car the same day later on in the day. I came back to the store because they called by phone and told me it is ready and they found a wrong part which is an oxygen sensor and it had to be replaced. I now owe them for a new oxygen sensor because it is the wrong part for the vehicle and they did not replace the worn fuel filter in need of replacing that was causing the dash light problem because they told me it was crimped but this was not true, but they did tell me the dash light problem was fixed. I told him I did not want the fuel filter replaced because he was trying to charge me $874.70 for a Flow Chart diagnosis, DAYCO Serpentine belt, Remove and Replace Alternator Drive Belt, Scrambler, Computerized wheel alignment, ball joint, remove and replace F Ball Joint - Lower, Both, Remove and Replace Flexible Fuel Hose - Each and fuel line not the fuel filter. I did not authorize this work order and there was nothing wrong with these items on the vehicle, but did offer a discount on the price of the fuel filter work order. I agreed to have the dash light problem fixed and since they told me I had the wrong part number for the oxygen sensor and that's why the dash lights were on constantly. However, later when I went to get my refund because I found out that the dash lights problem is not fixed and the fuel filter had not been replaced and the oxygen sensor was not the wrong part number and the part is a good part. No service was necessary and a diagnostic they were suppose to informed me of they never did and they never new what was wrong with the car I brought to them or how to fix it from the start. I was charged money for a part that is the right part number and the part is a good part, and a fuel filter that is not replaced. I went to collect a refund because there was no service rendered by Pep Boys. I even offered the new oxygen sensor that was the right part and is a good part in place of the refund of $106.72 the amount in dispute for a refund of non-rendered services.

On Feb 19, 2008, I returned to collect the disputed amount and refund for non-rendered services and a fuel filter and oxygen sensor that did not fix the dash light problem. I had purchased with my work order for the dash light problem, fuel sensor, and oxygen sensor. The service manager Eric Smith and a lady manager was there to assist me. I asked several questions when I came in for a refund and none of which could he seem to answer for me directly. He said things like, "I am not sure, we will have to see, maybe we can" all evidence to his seeming lack of confidence in what he was telling me. Mr. Eric Smith told me I had the wrong part number for the oxygen sensor in the car. I had verified the oxygen sensor part number with advanced auto parts and a 5 star auto service and they said it was the fuel filter and fixed it and charged us $109.28. Again he never answered any question I asked directly or confidently. He told me he would not refund me the amount on the work order he did not complete. I paid for the service and part there was nothing wrong with and wondered what the service company was doing for 7 hours they did not work on my vehicle during the work order time.

So now I am coming to you, looking for satisfaction in this situation. I feel like I have been quite taken advantage of by the Colorado Pep Boys automotive. I would like to have a refund of the dash light problem, fuel filter, and oxygen sensor charges for no service rendered. I feel like I was mis-lead on both of these services. As a resolution to this dispute issue I would like a refund of $106.72 for non-rendered services and an apology for making this a problem for me.

I thank you for considering my complaint and I hope that you can restore my confidence in Pep Boys.

William W. Dunlap

3906 E. Pikes Peak Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO 80909



Subject: Dispute

From: [email protected] Add Mobile Alert

To: [email protected]

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 11:34:19 -0500


I am trying to contact you in reguards to your refund. Your mailbox on your phone is full, so I could not leave a message.

Please go to the store and I have informed Eric to do a refund of the money you have paid $106.72.


Don Amel



Feb 20, 2008


This issue has been resolved and has restored my confidence in Pep Boys.

Thank you Don Amel with Pep Boys,

You have made another customer happy.


William Dunlap


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fb72e1ae, 2010-01-02, 09:53PM CST

Today I took my 2002 isuzu rodeo into pep boys on niagara falls blvd in amherst,ny to have bank 2 sensor 1 o2 sensor replaced. When I picked up my suv and drove it home I inspected the work done and found out the replaced the wrong one!! They replaced bank 1 sensor 1. When I dropped it off the guy didn't even sound like he knew what I was talking about, he said my suv has 2 sensors when in fact there are 4 of them. I'm hoping they will fix the problem.

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