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Posted on Saturday, February 16th, 2008 at 3:54pm CST by 4008bf33

Product: roses

Company: 1-800-Flowers.com

Location: WA, 98036, US

URL: http://1-800-Flowers.com/

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I ordered flowers for my wife for Valentine's Day from 1-800-Flowers.com. I ordered them a week before Valentine's Day to make sure she would get a nice bouquet of flowers. When she got the delivery on February 14th, she received an empty vase in a box. Although I don't understand how you can mistakenly send a vase with no flowers, I do understand that mistakes happen. She called 1-800-Flowers and waited over 15 minutes just to get through. I am sure they were busy taking calls from other upset customers as well. When she finally got through she very politely explained the situation to the gentleman on the phone and he told her he would send replacement flowers on February 15th. She asked if he would also refund my credit card since she did not get the order on Valentine's Day and would be receiving it a day late. He told her she had to pick between getting the flowers or the refund. After much discussion about taking responsibility for your mistakes and providing good customer service he offered to refund me 20% of the cost and send her flowers the next day. If I would have wanted her to get flowers on February 15th I would have order them for that date. I wanted her to receive something special at work and do something nice and it was ruined. She asked to speak to a supervisor and waited an addition 15 minutes for a supervisor. Patrick came on the phone and told her he couldn't help her and they would have to talk to me since I was the card holder.

I then gave them a call and spent at least 45 minutes trying to get someone to help me. I got the same song and dance that she did and finally got a lady to agree to refund my credit card in 7-10 business days and send replacement flowers out from a local florist first thing in the morning on February 15th. I thanked her and thought it was done with. My wife still did not receive flowers on the 15th. I then called back and they gave me some story about no one being able to deliver flowers and they will send them to our house on February 16th. Again, they did not arrive. It is now 2 days after Valentine's Day and my wife does not have her roses and I am not confident I will get a refund. I paid over $50 for nothing. I am in disbelief that any company would treat a customer this way. Again, I understand that mistakes happen, but my wife and I were treated very poorly and no one wants to help rectify the situation. I would like my money back immediately and my wife to get the roses she was promised.

In conclusion, this is a quote from 1-800-Flowers website that they obviously do not adhere to: Sales and Service Specialists are available 24/7, and fast and reliable delivery is offered same day, any day. As always, 100 percent satisfaction and freshness are guaranteed.


Jack and Kristin Madsen


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