Bell Mobility - Cell Phone Mafia

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2008 at 10:40pm CST by e01f7639

Product: Bell Mobility

Company: Bell Mobility

Location: Box 5480 Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4B5, CA


Category: Other

I signed onto a 3 year contract with Bell in July 2005, and signed on for a partner phone in September 2005. In October of 2006, one of the phones was lost ... we then transferred all of the minutes to the one remaining phone. In Janauary 2007, we stopped using that phone. Becuase I was aware that the 3 year contract was not due, I continued to pay the bill, anticipating the completion date as being July of 2008. In Novemeber 2007, I was sent a bill for $1.67. I thought I must have paid enough. In December 2008, the bill was $67.00 and I paid them $75.00. My January 2008 bill was $850.00. When we called to inquire, I was told that at the time the first phone was lost, I had agreed to rewrite the 3 year contract. I was not made aware of any such agreement. They are now cancelling the contract and expect us to pay them money upfront on a phone that we don't .. contract ending Oct. 2009. I tried to reason with the guy on the phone, but he refused to listen. I offered to pay out the contract up to July of 2008. When he refused, I refused to pay a dime. Now it's an unfair strike on our credit bureau. If it takes a lawyer to resolve this issue, I would rather pay legal council than give them another penny!!!!


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