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Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2008 at 1:39pm CST by 7eeede4f

Product: Tmobile Shadow

Company: T-Mobile

Location: US

Category: Other

Ive been chasing down a $50 rebate for my tmobile shadow. Young America has been ignoring my emails after posting up the denied status on the tmobile rebate website. Its been driving me nuts chasing after these people. It took them over two months to do anything and then they denied me in spite of my having fulfilled the requirements to the letter. Its incredibly frustrating. I even included the originals so that they couldnt pull the No photocopies thing on me. Im going to be registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If theyre going to advertise a $50 rebate and then deny everyone, why even bother? Its just false advertising.


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Anonymous, 2002-01-01, 03:23AM CST

The same think has happened to me in 11-08.

What has been done about this problem? - they still are doing it and getting away with it.

How can we stop this business?

I would like to get involved in taking some REAL action against this kind of corporate behavior.

30e6553a, 2009-02-03, 09:06AM CST

I purchased the Samsung Behold in December 2008 from Tmobile, and similarly, my $150 rebate was not honored. The rep completed the form for me at the store, all I had to do was put a stamp on the envelope. Two months later, they denied me for an invalid SKU number. For a company that has been rated as best customer support, and as a client of Tmobile for 5years with a family plan, I find this highly offensive.

11c0215e, 2009-02-11, 08:12PM CST

I am about to purchase 4 blackberry curve 8900 because I am extending my two your contract. After reading all of these blogs about rebates scams I am having doubts on purchasing the phones. The rebates total should i purchase would be $400, an amount that is worthy of loosing my temper over if the rebate gets denied.

ae7a87dc, 2009-07-13, 10:11PM CDT

I bought one Black curve and one Black flip for my family plan in March. There is a $100 rebate for each of them. Now it's in July and both rebates have been denied for at least five times. Every time I called the rebate department I was told a different lie. I switched to T-mobile many years ago when I heard it had the best customer service. But for the two rebates, I have called the customer service for four times till tonight. The first time I was told the rebates were going to be mailed out. The second time I was told rebates were approved and being sent out. The third and fourth time I was told exactly lies as their rebate center representatives. Now I am thinking of a law suit to get the rebate and terminate my contract with them. Any thought?

e8f78958, 2009-07-13, 10:22PM CDT

I bought a blackberry curve and a blackberry flip in March 2009. Both phones have a $100 rebate. I submitted rebates at the end of March and both rebates have been denied for at least five times since then. I have called the rebate center so many times that I swear not to call it again. Every time the rebate center representative told me a different lie and put the rebate back for re-processing.

I swtiched to T-mobile many years ago when I heard it had the best customer service. However, for the two rebates, I have also called customer service for four times. The first time I was told the rebates were being mailed out. The second time I was told rebates were approved and would be mailed out. The third and forth time I was told the same lies as the rebate center. I have totally lost my trust to T-mobile and will try to get out of it as soon as possible.

5ee0deec, 2011-08-23, 01:11PM CDT

Same issue with Galaxy Tablet. Promised a $100 mail-in rebate during the sale, filled out the paperwork and mailed it in. Didn't hear back for weeks. Called into to the rebate department who said that it hadn't been processed yet. Waited more weeks, called in again and was told it was denied because I didn't have easy pay set up, which was never mentioned in any of the advertisements or in the T-Mobile store during the purchase. Supposedly it is written on one of the forms I sent in for the rebate, however I didn't even get those until after I bought the Tab. I don't want easy pay and I don't do business with liars, so I'll be moving on to another company at the end of my contract.

88260371, 2012-12-25, 02:47PM CST

I have had to deal with this T Mobile rebate scam for 3 months for two rebates of $150 on two Galaxy S3 phones finally I get a rebate and its for one phone so back to them again. They say they will talk to the manager ? What BS - do they really think this is fooling anyone ? They want to steal from their customers and hope the customer will give up on the refund. Its a seedy and crooked activity that should have T Mobile worried about losing customers. What idiots they are for not knowing the customers are onto their scam and the information is on the Internet. The Galazy S3 phone even has a BUG that has it locked on EMERGENCY CALL what next I wonder?

b51871fa, 2013-01-26, 01:01AM CST

What about me? I brought four Galaxy s3 phones. $150 rebates each total $600. If i know that early i wouldnot sign the new contract with them even through i had been their customer for over ten years.I think this is totally scams and misleading consumer.Can someone investigating those company? Maybe Attorney general or better businese Bureau should look into this company?

L. Takanassee, 2013-02-10, 01:41PM CST

I am personally just starting on a similar process to get $50 back on a Samsung S2 and I can tell T-Mobile is setting me up not to get my money back. They require a Proof of Purchase but they have only set me electronic notices of my purchase (no proof of purchase receipt in the package that was sent to me). They also require a 2GBbyte (or more) plan but I am an older plan that actually claims unlimited data (this should be considered as more than 2GBytes). In any event, this requirement was not clearly listed when I bought the phone. Just wasted 15 minutes with their automated system and it was impossible to talk with anyone. So, I am sending in the rebate form but not expecting to get anything back. While I have been a VoiceStream and then T-Mobile customer for many years, this will be my last 2-year contract. I am considering something like http://republicwireless.com/

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