MATERNITYCARD (Maternity Card) / AHCO (Affordable Healthcare Options) - MATERNITYCARD (Maternity Card) / AHCO (Affordable Healthcare Options) - SCAM SCAM SCAM!

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2008 at 10:07am CST by 23573151

Company: MATERNITYCARD (Maternity Card) / AHCO (Affordable Healthcare Options)

Location: PO BOX 299
AVON LAKE, OH, 44012, US


Category: Other

Please run far away from AHCO and Maternity Card. This company is a big scam and the customer service line will leave you wit nothing but high blood pressure.

They take your money up front for the $199 fee, charge you $99 a month, and never do anything with your claims. They claim they are always "processing your claim, check back next month". For 2 months they will tell you this!! Oh, and that is of course, when you CAN get in touch with them. I counted and logged two occassions just within one week where they had me on hold for 45 minutes, only to put me into a voicemail one of those times, and the other time it turned into a busy signal.

After 2 months of receiving duplicate bills from doctors and labs, and getting past due notices, I have been all of fed up and again, after painful dealings with customer service, I am told that "we never received your claims, please resubmit them."

I've checked with the Better Business Bureau and there were hundreds of similar complaints. I've also found this site, and see I'm not the only one. This company should be stopped.

When I called and tried to cancel, they said it would have to be done in writing (one customer service rep actually hung up on me!!! and I had to call back and sit on hold for another HALF AN HOUR!). The kicker... the cancellation may even be subject to another $250 fee just to cancel it!

I am BEYOND outraged and sickened by this company. When pregnant women go to them for help, they use and abuse them by taking their money, causing them unnecessary stress and not doing a single thing for their doctor's bills or claims.

I've filed a complaint with my credit card and the Better Business Bureau. Please steer clear of this company unless you like unwanted stress and like to hand your money to incompentent people.


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