Funjet Vacation - Avoid FUNJET at all means

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2008 at 11:43pm CST by 68cd2c6b

Product: Vacation Package to Los Cabos

Company: Funjet Vacation

Location: 8907 N Port Washington Rd
Milwaukee, WI, 53217, US


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If there is a problem, forget customer service. It does not exist.


My daughter got very sick and I was trying to reschedule our trip to Los Cabos since she was contagious. Although the Hilton hotel and airline were willing to rebook us with no fee, FUNJET was only interested in keeping thousands of dollars which they did. Along the way, I found out that they misrepresented the flight information. We thought that we were using a regular

SUNCountry flight but this was not the case. They would not give you their supervisor's extension and spit on your face with insulting comments. It is a shame that this company is in business. You are forwarned!!!


234bdf4e, 2009-02-21, 11:14AM CST

If you booked a suncountry flight, chaces are that it was a charter and it was non-refundable to the funjet tour operator.

This is why they offer the insurance and require you to decline it and agree to terms of service.

Every time I use them I have a GREAT time and I always buy the insurance. The first time I bought cancel coverage I was leary, untill I found my flight and hotel went down in price. I called them up and got a refund (not a credit) the customer service team (which was VERY friendly) explained to me that charter flights are contracted by funjet, and a "perk" of the coverage is price protection!

In addition if you cancel you get a 100% refund less the cost of the coverage (usualy $99.99, but one time it was only $79.99)

IMHO this complaint, is a person who thinks that a airline can sell an empty seat in less then 3 or 4 days and who in their right mind would purchase a $3000 or more vacation without putting insurance on it?

06c1a325, 2010-08-17, 11:33AM CDT

A vacation was booked through Vacations to Go. The rep from this company put us through Funjet Vacations. It was the WORST vacation that we ever had. My wife and I thought we were going to a 4 star hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.We got sick from the food, the hotel lobby had NO AIR CONDITIONING. The reseravation was not honored with a King Bed, the phone did not work for 3 days and the hotel manager accused us of lying after a houskeeper changed the phone and fixed it.The room smelled from bug spray on a daily basis.NO AIR CONDITIONING anywhere to enjoy a show. NO A.C. or little in the or stores.FUNJET VACATIO0NS DID NOTHING. Customers are never told about this. We were at The Bahia Principe Hotel. NEVER NEVER GO THERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO SWEAT, in 95 degree weather.The only salvation is the pool. Many patrons got sick and took Pepto Bismol(way over-priced in the store on the premises) as we did until we came home and got antibiotics from the Dr. The only A.C. was in the Cigar Bar and this is where we spent our nights to stay cool until We retired and went to bed. The rooms have A.C. We live in Florida all year around but everywhere you go has A.C as it should be. The food sits out on buffets for hours in this heat.

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