FedEx - FedEx: Customer Support? Not On Your Life

Posted on Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 at 4:25pm CST by 9a485d00

Product: Home Delivery

Company: FedEx

Location: US


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My two emails to FedEx over the past two days say it best:

Emailed to FedEx from me on February 12, 2008: "Hello. I had a package shipped (to me) overnight on Feb 11, 2008. On Feb 12, I worked from home, in part to receive the package. I stepped out briefly between 11:00am and noon, and when I returned I found the door tag indicating that the delivery driver had missed me. I phoned immediately (around noon or 12:30), and was told over the phone that a second attempt would be made today (Feb 12). I saw from the door tag that Fed Ex hours of operation are until 7:30pm, so I did not begin to worry until 6:00pm, at which time I called again and was told that they would NOT attempt the second delivery today after all (why was I not told that at noon? or why did no one at least call to tell me that later in the day?). If I wanted, I was told, I could pick up the package, but I had to do it by 7:30, and it was in the City of Industry (20 miles from my home, during rush hour). Next I was told they would make the second attempt tomorrow (Feb 13), but no one will be home until after 6:00pm tomorrow, and the person I spoke with said they might not be able to deliver it then, even though I was requesting it. Does any of this seem acceptable to FedEx? I paid $17.00 for overnight delivery because I needed overnight delivery. I called IMMEDIATELY when I saw I'd missed the deliver person. I was told UNEQUIVOCALLY that a second attempt would be made today. Yet none of this has brought me my package, and now I don't know when or how I will get it. Please respond."

Response from FedEx, February 12, 2008: "Thank you for contacting FedEx. We apologize for the problems you experienced with your shipment. Our primary goal is to handle each package in a professional and business-like manner. We assure you that your experience with this shipment was not typical, nor does it reflect the high standard of service we want to provide. In an effort to avoid similar incidents in the future, we have advised FedEx management of what occurred. They are reviewing the situation and will take any necessary corrective action. We have requested the station to call you back to make arrangements on the delivery of your package. Your case number is: ##########. Again, please accept our apology. We appreciate your notifying us of this problem and will do our best to make sure your next encounter with FedEx is more satisfactory."

Emailed to FedEx from me on February 13, 2008: "Hi. Regarding the same package and the same complaint as referenced in the thread below, I just now phoned FedEx again to ask if they would indeed be delivering my package after 6:00 tonight as was told to me yesterday when I phoned at 6:00 (rather, I was told they would call to confirm one way or the other, and no one ever called), and have just been told not only that the driver INSTEAD reattempted delivery at 10:30 this morning (even though I had said on the phone when I called last night at 6:00 that no one would be home), but also that they NEVER attempt delivery after 6:00. Why wasn't I told that last night? Also, I'm told they'll only hold my package for 5 days...and I will be out of town (actually out of state) all weekend. The woman I just spoke to (customer service) not only couldn't resolve my problem, but informed me that "she knows" I wasn't told those things, because the people at the 800 number "don't have that kind of information" and "would never have said those things" (i.e., would never have said on the call at noon that the driver would attempt redelivery that day, and would never have said on the call at 6:00 last night that the driver would/might attempt redelivery after 6:00 tonight). What a shame to be told by your customer service representative that I'm either lying or have a hearing or memory problem, and not just about one phone call but about two. By the way, if I'd been accurately informed on the noon phonecall, I could have driven to the center to get my package, as I was working from home yesterday. Now I'm out of luck, with my $160 theater tickets for next Friday (a present for my wife's birthday, which was yesterday) gone."


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