ShopNBC and Renato Watches - ShopNBC and Renato Watches are Misrepresenting Diamond Quality in Diamond Watches

Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 at 8:40pm CST by 30b2ae02

Product: Gents Diamond WildeBeast Alligator Strap Watch

Company: ShopNBC and Renato Watches


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February 7, 2008

I purchased a Renato Watch on Dec.23, 2007 from ShopNBC. The watch was represented on TV, and stamped on the back of the watch case that it contained 2.45ct of G color VS clarity diamonds. I received the watch on Jan.15, 2008 and examined the diamonds with a 10x corrected diamond grading loupe. I have been in the loose diamond business for 30 years and I am a GIA Diamond course graduate. I am an expert on diamond grading. The diamonds in this watch fell short of the stated quality as at least 40 of the 236 diamonds were worse than VS clarity and at least 20 other stones had a tint of yellow to them which cannot be if the stones are truly G color. I contacted Renato Watches and they sent me a Fed EX label to return the watch to them and if they agreed with me that the quality did not measure up they would replace the watch. I spoke to Maureen Sullivan at Renatos main office about this. On January 29, 2008 I received the replacement watch from Renato and amazingly again it was not all G color and VS clarity diamonds as they had claimed and again stamped on their case back. I called Maureen again and she told me that she would speak to ShopNBC to see what to do. At about 12:30pm on the 29th I received a phone call from Mr. Douglas Rost from ShopNBC. Mr. Rost offered to send me a Fed EX form so that I could again return the watch this time to ShopNBC from whom I actually purchased the watch. Once the watch was received at their return headquarters in Bowling Green. Ky he would then authorize a credit to my credit card account for the payments that I had been charged Not one time did this man apologize or offer to make the watch to the advertised specifications which is what I wanted all along. The only reason that I bought the watch was because of the diamond quality that was represented. I know the value of the diamonds and I know that I was getting a fair price for the watch. I returned the watch via Fed EX and am awaiting my account to be credited.

That is not the point. ShopNBC is blatantly lying about the quality of the diamonds that are in these watches as is Renato Watches. When I spoke to Mr. Rost on Monday, Feb.4, 2008 about the fact that I just wanted what I thought I was buying he told me that ShopNBC is not responsible and that Renato Watches would have to make good on the promised quality. To my thinking that is total nonsense since I bought the watch from ShopNBC and not Renato Watches. ShopNBC is the company that I am being billed by and therefore they are the seller. The fact is if I had not been a diamond expert I never would have known about this disgraceful act of bait and switch. They, ShopNBC, are representing a specific quality of diamonds in this watch and I received 2 watches that fell far short of their claim. ShopNBC MUST BE STOPPED from selling a product that does not measure up to its advertised claim. People are being lied to and cheated by ShopNBC and your office must do something to stop this disgraceful practice. These watches cost thousands of dollars and are being sold to people all over the country. This practice of deceiving the consumer must be taken seriously by your office. Imagine if you had purchased this item and knew it was not actually what was being represented. Tell me Ms. Swanson how would you feel?

I want action taken against this disreputable company and make them accountable for their shoddy business practices. The consumer has no chance against these slick promoting, lying cheats and it is up to your office to stop this nonsense from occurring.




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b287a780, 2008-06-20, 01:27PM CDT

I agree with Ncognito_13.

I ordered the same 2.45 ctw Renato from ShopNBC about 1 1/2 years ago and even though I am not anything approaching a diamond expert, I could see immediately that the diamonds were not consistently VS-G quality. While some looked quite clean under magnification, many had easily visible inclusions at 10x and a few were even semi-opaque and fractured! Also, there were some obvious variations in color between the stones.

I was very disappointed and like the other gentleman, felt that if a vendor makes diamond quality a selling point, then ALL of the stones in the piece had best meet the claimed standard. I immediately returned the watch for a full refund and have not ordered any other diamond Renatos since.

I have been generally happy with ShopNBC and am not bashing them overall. I collect watches and most of the ones I've ordered from them have been as good as stated.

I have noticed that as of this posting (6/20/08) ShopNBC no longer states any diamond quality info for the Renato line. So, apparently our two complaints/returns couldn't have been the only ones in relation to this.


4f051531, 2008-06-23, 02:02PM CDT

The guy is a fraud. He is NOT a gemologist. He has been sued in Federal Court about his posts. It is time for him to put up or shut up. I have his school records which have been forwarded to Renato.

Before you post crap like this check on the truth of the matter.

b287a780, 2008-06-23, 03:55PM CDT

The claims against Ncognito_13's credentials aside - based on my personal experience with this piece, Renato clearly overstated the quality of the diamonds on it. If this poster's intent is disreputable, that's one thing, but I concur with his opinion on this watch. I have no vested interest in the matter whatsoever. In fact I own 3 non-diamond Renatos and I am quite happy with them. As I stated in my previous post I am not bashing Renato or ShopNBC in general. I think it is rather telling that ShopNBC has stopped making any specific diamond quality claims concerning the Renato line, though.

bbfe88bb, 2008-08-23, 10:46AM CDT

I don't know about the diamond QUALITY of renato watches, but I can tell you this. The watches I bought from RENATO and SHOP NBC are of the highest QUALITY and a BIG bargain at the price. My jewler even tells me this. So before you go trying to tear down somebody's Honesty and REP. I just want you to know I trust DANIEL MINK 100%. TO me QUALITY is his middle name.

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