The Roof & Driveway Doctor - Fraud on Roof Repair Service

Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 at 4:21pm CST by d4f979ac

Product: Roof Repair

Company: The Roof & Driveway Doctor

Location: 2020 South 18th St
Pittsburgh, PA, 15203, US

Category: Other

I found the roof of our house was leaking on 11/26/2007. I called The Roof & Driveway Doctor (2020 South 18th St, Pittsburgh PA 15203. Phone: 412-853-2124 or 412-969-0344) to fix it. Paul Efferin came to our house next morning. He walked around our house and told me that I need to pay $1,600 and fix it. We signed a contract which includes:

Remove Exterior Fan along with flashing kit

Remove all roof materials in general area

Replace flashing kit with GAF Souround kit

Replace all removed roof materials.

Warranty/5 years/leaks in general area

I wrote a check for $800 that is payable to The Roof & Driveway Doctor as a deposit. Then someone came to fix it and finished in about an hour. I paid Paul the remaining $800. Later I found that the area they fixed was still leaking. They fixed it for the second time. But the same area was still leaking.

I called anther company to inspect the roof. They checked the roof and here is part of the report:

Skylight was previously repaired. Rubber (EDPM or comparable) glued to skylight sealed to roof over shingles. Great leak potential.

Exhaust roof fan - Recent Patch and caulking with silicone sealer. A shingle patch was caulked to top of fan apparently to seal hole in cap.

Silicone caulk installed on shingle edges but pulling away.

No shingles replaced in fan area. Repair - inadequate.

Obviously the Roof & Driveway Doctor didn't do what they promised to do. I called Paul Efferin and requested a refund of $1,600. But he refused to give us a refund and said he did it right.

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5c733066, 2010-10-19, 10:21AM CDT

Not surprised. He scammed me too. Charged $400 to fix a leak. When it still leaked, he wouldn't answer his phone. I called from a different number and he picked up (because he wanted NEW business). He said he would come out and never did. The address he sues is also a vacant location and the one (2 Dormont Square) is not even legit (confirmed by post office). Scan artist who should go to jail for fraud.

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