US Post Office - Unprofessional clerks at Englewood, NJ Post Office

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2008 at 8:43pm CST by 0e5648be

Product: Application for US Passport

Company: US Post Office

Location: 77 Engle Street
Englewood, NJ, 07631, US


Category: Other

On February 7 2008, I went to the post office at 77 Engle Street in Englewood, NJ to file forms for a US passport. With me, I brought all required documentation: proof of US Citizenship, proof of identity, and 2 pictures Before office clerk started to process the documents, she asked me for marriage certificate which I did not have with me as it is not a required document. I was informed that application cannot be accepted without this document. Clerk could not give me straight answer why she's asking for the document.

She was rude and called "next customer" why I was still in line waiting for an answer. Call to the USPS' Supervisor Jim Hegebely (201-569-5834) did not solve the problem as he also claimed that marriage certificate is required. To make the matters worse, after I came back with my marriage certificate, next clerk (Thomas Bohrens) who collected my application did not even asked for it. He was present at the time of my argument with the first clerk. I asked him why he is not asking for my marriage certificate? After all that just happened. He looked and my and with smile on his face said, "you came back, and it means you have it". This was very rude of him by doing that. They both made a fool of myself. First by giving me false statement (that I need marriage certificate in order to get a passport). Second by sending me back home for nothing. When I mentioned that to the office clerk that, he replied "it's not my business". I know that Post Office clerks were wrong, because marriage certificate is not listed as a required document on application for US passport (section "What to submit with this form"). Neither it is mentioned when you call US Post Office's 1-800 number, and listen to information on how to obtain a passport.

I would like to file complain about Post Office clerks at the 77 Engle Street in Englewood for being very unprofessional, rude, unhelpful, and for not providing service that customers should expect.


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