Capitol Yamaha - FWD: problem with local motorcycle shop/Sacramento, Ca.

Posted on Friday, February 1st, 2008 at 7:07pm CST by 5dbe907c

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We heard about you from the Dr. Phil website. They suggested that we file a complaint with your office about our problem with the purchase of a motorcycle. The original letter that follows has an update. The new owner of Capitol helped us get the registration and plates through the DMV investigator. We have decided to keep the bike so we don't lose big time with consignment or repossession. We found that the new owner cannot honor the free tune-up voucher we got as part of the incentive to buy the bike originally from the previous owner. We have taken the bike to another shop because Capitol was charging almost $100 more for the

same tune-up than the other shops are charging. We would like to at least recover the cost of this tune-up from the original owner. We heard that he is facing legal charges, but has filed for bankruptcy. We would definitely like to see him pay his debts, including what he owes us. Please advise.

-Mary Ann Thorpe

Original letter:

My husband bought a new 2007 Yamaha motorcycle(vin #JYAVM01Y07A013023) on 7/30/07 through Capitol Yamaha on Auburn Blvd in Sacramento, Ca. The financing is through the GE Money Bank. He wondered about the lack of plates and registration a month after the purchase, but apparently didn't ask them about it, but did complain to me! Our insurance company sent us a notice that they received notification from DMV that no such vehicle was registered in California - vin numbers were verified and the Yamaha dealer was contacted. They referred me to their "registration" person who took my information and promised to get back to me in a day or so. That went by with no word, so I called again. Another message was left and I was told by a salesman it was being taken care of soon. I thought all was well. My husband went into the dealer when the license platebracket fell off and there was a problem with a lot of vibration, motor noises and being hard to start. When he bought the bike he purposely asked for a no vibration bike. There was a problem with the clutch-the lever had to be let out almost all the way to catch. Then they said the bike was just like all Yamahas. He feels that is a dangerous design-he could pop the clutch and lurch out into traffic. He told them he thought the bike was jinxed when the plate bracket fell off. He really didn't like the bike and let them know that their "no trying out the bike

before buying policy" sucked! He even asked about putting the bike on consignment for them to sell. They told him they couldn't right then because they were going under new ownership. My husband was put off about the bike and was not riding it. Then the weather got cold and it's been sitting (only starting it and letting it run once in awhile) so he kind of let the issue slip his mind. About two weeks ago he asked them about consignment again and they said they could. He would have to continue to make payments and have insurance coverage until it sold, which could take awhile. He said he would bring it in on a non-rainy day.

Well Tuesday, 1/15/08, we received a letter from DMV that the registration was incomplete and fees were owed. The bike should not be on the highway and was subject to impoundment if pulled over. When I called the DMV number in the letter, they could not even pull up the plate number and find out what the problem was. I called the Yamaha dealer once again. This time I was shocked to learn that there was a new owner as of 11/9/07 and the new owner has nothing to do with the sales by the

previous owner. He was very sorry for the problem and gave us the phone number for the DMV Investigation Unit where we needed to fill out a complaint form and get the registration mess straightened out. Apparently the previous owner neglected to send the paperwork into DMV on quite a few bikes sold during the end of his ownership. My husband was told he could bring the bike in and they would consign it for him - meaning he would still have to pay the balance over what the bike was sold for. He wanted to just leave the bike there and let them deal with it. In that case GE Money Bank would repossess and take the bike to auction and my husband would still have to eventually pay the difference owed and probably mess up his credit. My husband is bi-polar and had a melt down while I was talking to the owner about options. Unfortunately, during that time my husband was so frustrated and twisted in his thinking that

he scratched the gas tank of the bike - which he regreted later. The owner just said that would mean they would get less for the bike. My husband has difficulty dealing with stressful situations and he just added more to the list of worries. We are quite disturbed by this whole mess. We wish we had known about the DMV registration fiasco which could have led to my husband being pulled over by the police and quite an ugly scene resulting. The new owner seemed to believe that we should have already known about it the investigation. He said he didn't know about all the bikes sold before his taking over, but might he able to get info

on the sales transaction records from the files. The Yamaha dealer is keeping the bike for my husband until we talk to a DMV investigator. The thought of losing several thousand dollars on the whole deal because of the lowdown deeds of that bad business man is enough to make my husband and I ill. My husband is in depression mode and on his meds and leaning toward hospitalization. We feel like the Yamaha company should just take the bike back because of all the problems that my husband had with the bike and the situation that has caused him a lot of stress and worry. I've contacted the main Yamaha customer service line (800-962-7926) and talked to a nice fellow there who then referred me to a product specialist. She was sympathetic and told us the old dealership was no longer a Yamaha representative and thought he might be in the process of a lawsuit due to his illegal operations. She felt that the DMV investigator might help us in the legality respect. She also suggested contacting GE Money Bank to let them know of the situation and see if they had any suggestions or options. I'm open to any help or ideas. We haven't heard back from GE Bank yet. We also filed a complaint with the BBB. I'm worried about my husband's mental health and ability to handle this sticky mess. I just wish there was some way that we can have the bike returned-pay a penalty even, but just be rid of it. The previous owner is obviously a crook and has filed bankruptcy. He still should have something done legally to him for all the problems he has caused.

Sincerely, Mary Ann and Vince Michael

Davis, CA


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