The Jewelry Exchange, Denver Colorado - The Jewelry Exchange Ripped me off!

Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at 5:30pm CST by e26c42d0

Product: Jewelry

Company: The Jewelry Exchange, Denver Colorado

Location: 8000 E. Belleview Ave.
Greenwood Village, Co, 80111, US

Category: Other

My husband went shopping for the first piece of real jewelry besides my wedding ring that he had ever bought me. He picked out a beautiful blue saphire baguette ring, accented with smaller diamonds and spent about $350.00. One of the saphires was loose, and the ring needed to be sized, so my husband had them send it it out to be fixed. After they had the ring for about two weeks I called to find out how much longer it would be, the man looked into it and called me back only to tell me that it was nowhere to be found!!! I threw a fit, and I was promised that it would be okay, so being nieve, I trusted them. After about another three weeks, and numerous phone calls, they had finally gotten my ring back into the store and it looked HORRIBLE!! Not to mention, there was another $40.00 charge to have it sized that they "forgot" to mention. The new stone does not even fit, and the sodering job on the back looked like a five year old did it. It was like they could have cared less. I RARELY get to wear the ring as I am afraid one of the stones will fall out and the only reason I ever wear it is so my husband does not feel bad. BUYER BEWARE. The reason why I waited this long to post is that I was newly pregnant, had just moved, and had enough to deal with.


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