Walmart - Crappy Portable Memorex CD player

Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at 1:08pm CST by c458eec9

Product: Portable Memorex CD Player

Company: Walmart

Location: Altamonte Springs, Fl, US

Category: Other

I have had it with Walmart and their crappy electronics..first I bought a Walmart brand cd player..only paid $20 that should have been my first red Nephew who was barely 2 tore up the box, but at the time I was ok with that I had after all a cd never played from the start..armed with my receipt I returned to Walmart hoping to get an even exchange I was even willing to pay more for a different brand..the CSM said no, then the store Manager said no..I figured it was because I no longer had the original box never mind I had the paperwork that came with I figured that was my fault so I tossed the defective cd player in the garbage and proceeded to buy a Memorex portable cd player with radio for $30..everything was fine for awhile anyway, now four months later it plays only every once in times I will put in a cd and it plays, no problem! Other times I'll put in a cd and it says "error disc" meaning the player isn't recognizing the cd it just played the day I turn it off and listen to the radio for about an hour then lo and behold it starts working again..I contacted Walmart on the phone and was told basically "too bad so's past the return time limit". I now own a $30 radio! My Cousin was recently in Walmart exchanging a pir of jeans when a Lady in front of her attempted to return a mixer no box just the mixer, the attachments and the paperwork that came with it, was she refused??..Hell no! Turns out she was a Friend of the CSM.. My next cd player will come from Big Lots, I once bought one from there and it lasted for 5 years.

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c458eec9, 2008-12-12, 12:11PM CST

A friend of mine bought me an elctro brand cd /turntable and radio combo from Big Lots for Christmas and it's working great..I can listen to my cds and records and if I want to listen to my radio I switch it to radio mode and enjoy static free music..I use to have to fiddle with the knob on my Walmart cd player because of interference..I am a happy camper!! :)

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