Burger King - Burger King - New Whopper Virgins Campaign

Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at 2:46pm CST by 5c32433a

Company: Burger King

Location: US

Category: Other

Dear americans at Burger King,

In case you have not noticed yet, Romania is a country in Europe and also a member of the European Union. On what statements are you denigrating a whole nation because you took some old people from the country to do your shitty Whopper Virgins campaign? Your think your peasants know how to eat a hamburger? Think again. Maybe you should search youtube for a video called A WORLD WITHOUT ROMANIA, before trying to impress anyone with your campaign. Also you should document yourselves first before criticizing. You know, we, in Romania, have electricity and internet, and we do look like humans. Glad you decided to open Burger King restaurants in a country where people DO NOT know how to eat a hamburger, as you state. See if you can build a new hamburger for us, one that we know how to eat.

Sincerely hurt and offended,

Iarina Vasiliu

PS: Please also explain why on the map that appears at the beginning of the movie you talk about a village near Bucharest (Westward of Bucharest) and at the end of it you thank to the villagers of Budesti? There are two (2) Budesti villages in Romania, and none of them is placed westward of Bucharest. (One is placed near the border with Ucraine and one is placed at maybe 50 km south-east of Bucharest).


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